God of War 3 Trophies

God of War 3 Trophies
God of War 3 Trophies

Every settlement in the God of War brings quite a share of trophies and achievements to take on hand. The God of War 3 walks the same path and packs a total of 35 trophies to collect. To obtain each of these God of War Trophies, the players are tasked to accomplish a certain mission.

The missions for God of War achievements also put a bright light on the main story, while the more related aspects of the game such as collecting items, side quests, upgrading the lead characters are also taken on the account.

In terms of gaining God of War Ascension Trophies, the task varies but the way of playing resonates a lot.

Well, through this article, we will be reviewing God of War as well as enlisting all the trophies and achievements that indulge in God of War 3 and Ascension.

How Good is GOW 3?

God of War 3 Trophies
God of War 3 Trophies

God of War 3is good, this one thing is certain. Whether it is the first edition of the God of War 3- Remastered, both the God of War 3 editions has made a significant impact on players’ end. To give a brief review of the game, we must admit that God of War 3 is epic and looks just amazing. However, it sometimes feels like the game is playing it safe with the usual formula that most series comes along.

Taking the good side in the account, God of War 3 brings some of the most accurate graphics you will ever see regardless of the consoling nature. It has an amazing sense of scale that beautifully creates some real moments. On the other hand, the orchestrated music in the background puts you in a very malicious and angry mood driving you ripping off those undead soldiers in even more epic experience.  

In pursuance of creating greater looking and more extensive combos, there are new moves and many awesome powers are integrated. And then there come epic dialogues that are uttered in a very realistic way by most believable characters.

Now, on the bad side, the story does not meet the expectation from its earlier settlements. It begins throwing out some random gestures to you as the adventure comes to its end. About combat, despite integrated some additional weapons and unique abilities, it seemed quite the same at the ground and the repetitive action makes it annoying. It lacks variation, unlike the earlier entries. The story mode of the game is also way too short. One more thing is that they could have made the platform more solid on this.

To start off with God of War 3: Remastered, it was initially released in March 2010. Well, the Remastered edition is one of the most thrilling openings in the video gaming arena. You play as Kratos, a warrior who turned in to deity killer. One best thing we liked about Remastered is that when you as Kratos blow your final strike, you see the action not from the Kratos’ perspective, instead of from the victim’s POV. It is undeniably the most vicious and striking design choice that makes the game stand out in the crowd. In this settlement, you will be no longer playing as a furious antihero conquering Greek Gods, but as a complete villain.

Regardless of mention, from the beginning of the story to the climax, God of War 3 is packed with a lot of adventure and action sequences. And then there come the trophies that you achieve over and in the game. We have now enough talked about how good the game is and what can we expect from it. Luring it a little, let’s dive into the God of War 3 Trophies and achievements, shall we?

Go of War 3 Trophies

There are basically two types of God of War achievements you will see in the game. One is quite easy to find and another takes enough of your effort and skills. The trickier God of War 3 trophies is the ones that involve finding and collecting particular items. And, those easy ones are mostly stacked with the main story or armor upgrading.   

Spoiler Alert! Before you get your hands dirty on the list of God of War Achievements and the God f War Ascension trophies, here is the thing to know. Many of these God of War trophies are prone to spoil some beats in the main story. If you wish to go to the story blindly, taking a glance at the list f God of War 3 trophies isn’t a good idea. We will recommend not looking at the trophy list until you are done with it. Otherwise, you can always have a glance at this trophy list as you wish.


King of the Hill (Ultra Rare) – Unlock all trophies

Sibling Rivalry (Common) – Kill Hercules

Titan Slayer (Common) – Kill Cronos

Retribution (Common) – Kill Zeus

Hooker (Common) – Kill Hades

Freezer Burn (Common) – Acquire the Boreas Icestorm

Seeing things from a different perspective (Common) – Solve Hera’s Gardens

Eye Candy (Uncommon) – Collect all of the Gorgon Eyes

Feather Plucker (Common) – Collect all the Phoenix Feathers

Are You Horny to Win? (Uncommon) – Collect all of the Minotaur Horns

Maxed Out (Uncommon) – Completely upgrade all weapons


Releasing the Floodgates (Common) – Kill Poseidon

Burnt to a Crisp (Common) – Acquire the Bow of Apollo

Mr. Hand (Common) – Discover the secret ‘Hades Arm’ room

Shine Lord (Common) – Kill Helios

Shoe Delivery (Common) – Kill Hermes and acquire his Boots

I didn’t do it… But I wish I did! (Common) – Kill the Poseidon Princess

Ladies Man (Common) – Successfully Entertain Aphrodite

Handy Man (Common) – Sever Gaia’s hand

Open Sesame (Common) – Open the Gates of Tisiphone

Rescue Me (Common) – Save Pandora

Three Wise Men (Common) – Solve the Three Judges

Hit Man (Uncommon) – Perform a 1000-hit combo

Rip One! (Common) – Rip apart 1 Olympus Sentry

Nice Tan (Uncommon) – Blind 100 enemies with the Head of Helios

Obedience School (Uncommon) – Deliver 50 kicks to Hounds

It’s getting hot in here… (Uncommon) – Burn 100 enemies with the Bow of Apollo

Souled Out (Uncommon) – Summon every Soul with the Claws of Hades

Bloody Hell (Common) – Cover Kratos in 500 buckets of blood by killing the enemies

No Guts, No Glory (Common) – Gut 3 Centaur Generals

Hitting Your Stride (Common) – Upgrade any weapon to the next level


Vengeance Complete (Common) – Beat the game

Up to the Challenge (Uncommon) – Beat the Challenge of Olympus

Unhuman (Uncommon) – Beat Titan Mode

Princeless (Uncommon) – Collect all of the ‘Godly Possessions’

aMAZEd (Uncommon) – Beat the Labyrinth without dying or failing

God of War: Ascension Trophies

As you can see, there is varied nature of God of War 3 trophies available out there and each trophy comes with a unique purpose. Much like, with the God of War Ascension trophies there is also much of an eye-candy to look upon. Wasting no time, here is the list of God of War Ascension trophies you can gain by playing it.


Champion of the Gods (Rare) – Unlock all Trophies


Biting the Hand that Feeds You (Common) – Defeat Megaera and the Titan Hecatonchires

Maybe you should call a Doctor (Uncommon) – Keep the Rage Meter Filled for 2+ Minutes

Quaid!!! (Common) – Defeat Pollux

Bros before Foes (Common) – Orkos helps Kratos escape the Fury Ambush

Fireproof (Uncommon) – Complete the Screw of Archimedes without getting hit by the Fire Traps

Light as a Feather (Common) – Collect all of the Phoenix Feathers

The Eyes have it (Uncommon) – Collect all of the Gorgon Eyes

Fully Loaded (Uncommon) –Complete Upgrade Kratos

Lubed up (Uncommon) – Complete the slide in the Statue of Apollo without dying

Blind Justice (Common) – Use the Eyes of Truth successfully


No Drake. You can’t have these (Uncommon) – Collect all Artefacts in the game  

Next time use the stairs (Common) – Complete the Gauntlet of Archimedes

It ain’t broke… (Uncommon) – Reconstruct all of the Decayed Chests

Bond Broken (Common) – Complete the Game

Legendary Warrior (Rare) – Complete the game on Hard Difficulty

Summing Up

Now that you have the entire list of both God of War 3 trophies and God of War Ascension trophies, you must have a clear idea when and where you are landing. As you play through the game, you are about to face new challenges, so you will earn new achievements. Every single achievement you gain will be a great advantage to gain the next. So, miss none.    


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