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GogoPDF: Top Web-Based Tool Provider For Comprehensive File Management

GogoPDF: Top Web-Based Tool Provider For Comprehensive File Management
GogoPDF: Top Web-Based Tool Provider For Comprehensive File Management

Since the number of people who use electronic files worldwide increases, many websites have become in demand for various free services and online tools. Gone are the days of being bombarded with tons of printed paperwork in the office, such as forms, reports, inventories, and other company-related documents. Everything is now digital. 

Hence, online platforms have significantly emerged to acknowledge this massive change of technology in the form of electronic documents, especially PDF. One of the most popular websites you can find online is GogoPDF that will be of immense help in dealing with your electronic files most efficiently. 

Therefore, here’s a list of GogoPDF online tools below and read more details about this platform as the top web-based tool provider for comprehensive electronic file management.

Converting Files to Other Formats

The file conversion tool of GogoPDF is one of the common tools most people use today. You can visit the actual website of GogoPDF to learn how to convert Excel to PDF instantly if you want to have a more reliable copy of your spreadsheets. The same thing goes for your files in Word and PowerPoint. You can also transform them into PDF. 

Besides the mentioned formats above, you can still check on the website to see other available conversions that your projects and tasks might need in the future. On top of that, you won’t find any problems with the conversion process because it’s pretty easy and quick. 

In fact, it’ll only require you to spend a couple of minutes to complete this file task. That’s the fastest file conversion process of GogoPDF with the simplest and the most simplified conversion step and procedure. 

Merging Your PDF Files

Besides the fact that it’s difficult to accomplish some file tasks, it’s also challenging to organize tons of PDF files in an orderly manner.  That’s why you have to use the PDF merger tool of GogoPDF that will surely help you have an effective way of PDF file organization on your computer or smartphone. 

This online tool will combine multiple PDFs, making them one PDF file. Hence, if you have tons of PDF files you regularly use for different purposes, you can merge them differently. Combine those PDFs you use for business, leisure, work, or school. Classify them accordingly and merge them in one PDF file of the same category. 

By doing this, your computer file folders will be well-organized, and that will result in easy access and retrieval of your PDF file. As you may have noticed, PDFs scattered all over the screen of your smartphone or computer might take you longer to locate a particular document among other PDFs in a computer folder. 

That’s why it’ll be time-consuming and may cause you stress and frustration sometimes. Hence, the PDF merger of GogoPDF is a perfect online tool you can use to employ an effective PDF file organization. 

Protecting Your PDF Files

GogoPDF also has an online tool that will make your PDF files safe from any instances of unauthorized access and use. As you may have known that it’s one of the problems that most PDF users are experiencing nowadays. Hence, you have to use the PDF protection tool of GogoPDF that will set up a secure password for your PDF files for entirely free. 

You only have to visit the GogoPDF website and upload your files on its PDF protection tool online. Then, create a password with a combination of different capital and small letters, numerals, and other symbols. After that, the PDF protection tool will save the password you’ve created. Then, there you have it! Your PDF files are encrypted with a secure password and now safe moving forward. 

eSigning Your PDF Files

Many people use PDF documents for various purposes. As previously mentioned, it could be for business, work, school, or leisure. However, some documents need to have a valid signature to make them authentic and credible for any legal purposes. If it’s a printed document, you can get a pen and sign it right away. 

According to Dissertation Today, there are many solutions designed for small businesses specifically designed and priced for such enterprises. They can be found off-market and if you need something more specialized, there are companies willing to design purpose-built security options. advises Annie Foster, who works as an essay writer, paper writer at here.

However, when you’re using PDF files, signing them seems to be impossible. Good thing that the GogoPDF list of online tools includes the eSign PDF tool. It allows you to sign any important PDF files electronically. You can use the laptop’s touchpad to manually write your signature or use the computer mouse. 

Besides that, if you have an image form of your signature, you can also upload it on the eSign PDF tool of GogoPDF. After that, the tool will save the changes you’ve made with your PDFs, including your signature. There you have it! You’ve finally signed all of your important PDF files instantly. They are now ready for whatever legal purposes they may serve best. 


With technological advancement, many people still have the same struggle with effective file management. However, using the right online tools like the four discussed above, your file tasks will become a piece of cake. Hence, if you haven’t tried to use any of these tools for your electronic files, don’t hesitate to visit the GogoPDF website. The tools are there and always ready to help you anytime you want. 


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