Home Featured GoGoPDF Web Tools: Most Trusted Platform For Your PDF Problems

GoGoPDF Web Tools: Most Trusted Platform For Your PDF Problems

GoGoPDF Web Tools: Most Trusted Platform For Your PDF Problems
GoGoPDF Web Tools: Most Trusted Platform For Your PDF Problems

GoGoPDF is hailed as one of the most trusted software on the internet today, where you can convert, secure, edit, and organize various documents that involve PDF. For over twenty different tools, managing your PDF files will be relatively easy now. These GoGoPDF tools are offered freely for you, except if you want their PRO version. 

You may consider trying out their PRO version using their fourteen-day trial, which allows you to explore enough of their incredible services. At the end of the trial, you may subscribe to become a PRO member for only $59.99 and get one-year of unlimited access to all its tools. Now, you may want to learn about some tools you can find on their site. 

How to Turn Your JPG Image File to PDF

Images are often saved as JPG files; these are high-quality images that could be too large, which means it is quite difficult to share or upload the file online. To avoid this from happening, this should be the best time for you to utilize the JPG to PDF converter online tool by GoGoPDF. 

Using this converter tool allows you to have the image in its original quality while reducing its size when saved as a PDF file. In turn, you will no longer get into the same issue whenever you need to upload or make important webmails.

Moreover, if you think your file is too confidential, choosing GoGoPDF is undoubtedly your best decision. It keeps all your files secured using its smart technology. Plus, access using all platforms is supported by GoGoPDF; therefore, you can make conversion possible anytime. 

To start the process, please follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Prepare the JPG image file and upload it to GoGoPDF’s server by pressing “Select Files” or directly drag and drop the file for a faster upload. 
  2. Choose from the available options the output format, and don’t forget to click the button so the system will start the conversion.
  3. Please wait for a few moments and let the tool finish the process. 
  4. Lastly, download your freshly converted PDF file and save it on your device or share it on your Google Drive.  

Microsoft PowerPoint To PDF Easy Conversion

Creating an engaging data presentation is always convenient with MS PowerPoint. However, most people encounter serious issues, such as files getting corrupted or failed online processes due to their file size. That’s why it is always essential to convert your PPT to PDF so that viewing, uploading, and presenting your data will be smooth. 

With GoGoPDF, you won’t have to worry about compromising your file’s original quality and format; GoGoPDF does not allow that to happen. On the other hand, the process is particularly straightforward, making it easy for you to follow even if you are a beginner. Follow these easy steps and take a few clicks to finish your work. 

  1. Go to GoGoPDF’s website. Look for the PPT to PDF option under the Convert PDF category. 
  2. Choose which PPT presentation you want to convert by dragging the file and drop it to their server. 
  3. The converter tool will automatically extract the scanned file and start converting it to PDF file format. The process should not take longer than one minute; please wait for a few moments. 
  4. After a few seconds, the fully converted file will be ready for you to download; save the file on your computer’s hard disk drive or share it on your Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Protect Your PDF Documents

If you own a PDF containing a research study of yours and you don’t want it to get accessed by just anyone, encrypting it will be the best thing to do. Luckily, GoGoPDF features a tool that allows you to create a password to lock a file, the Protect PDF tool. Locking a file goes so easy along with these easy-follow-steps:

  1. Upload a PDF file that you want to lock on their website by clicking the “Select Files” tab. 
  2. Once uploaded, you will be required to create a customized password, then press the “Encrypt” button. 
  3. Once done, you can download your encrypted PDF file and save it to your device immediately.

Remove Password From Your PDF File

It takes time if you keep typing a password whenever you want to open a file. Some people just don’t find the option to open their locked file. That’s why GoGoPDF has its unique tool that allows you to unlock or remove passwords in a matter of a few clicks. Please refer to the steps below:

  1. Upload a locked PDF to their website by clicking the “Select Files” tab.
  2. The tool will automatically scan your file and then require you to put the password you have set recently and click the “Unlock” tab. 
  3. Finally, after a few moments, the password-free file will be available for you to download.


GoGoPDF makes a significant difference among all other PDF sites by how incredible it works for your various PDF issues. With GoGoPDF, you will get to have a more convenient alternative that comes all-in-one.


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