Guide to unlock LG phone by IMEI


Handlin a cell phone can be pretty tough at times as you may have to take some additional steps to fulfill your needs. In the fast-paced world of today, the devices from LG have revolutionized the scenario. Quite naturally, you may face some trouble with them such as unlocking the screen of the device.

Several phones of LG are GSM-enabled, which implies that the SIM cards of these devices can be altered for the foreign GSM SIM cards and this allows you to choose the network service provider you prefer. Instead of hanging around with the same company for obtaining the network services. The easiest way to unlock the device is through the International Mobile Equipment Identity or the IMEI code. Whether you retrieve the code from the existing network services or get a new one, the process of unlocking using the IMEI code is pretty easy.

Guide to unlock LG phone by IMEI
Guide to unlock LG phone by IMEI

The following steps are suitable to Unlock LG device.

  • The first step is to get the IMEI number that displays on the screen. You have to note this number and set it aside.
  • In the next step, you have to call the service provider to ask for the unlock code of the device for which you may have to provide the mobile number, IMEI number, and the email address. You can purchase the unlock code from different sources online if the service provider is not ready to cooperate.
  • Turn off the LG device and remove the SIM card to be replaced with a pre-paid or Foreign SIM card.
  • Switch on your device again and press Cancel when a message appears to tell you that your device is restricted.
  • Enter the code you receive to unlock the new device.

Things to remember

Keep in mind that not all the modes of LG devices can be unlocked. If you are keen to check whether the device has been unlocked or not, you have to remove the battery from the device and check whether there is a SIM card installed or not. If it does not contain a SIM card, it is a CDMA-enabled device and hence, cannot be unlocked.

Reasons to unlock the LG device

Before you unlock your phone online, you must know the reasons to unlock it.

  • International travel

The wireless plan available abroad can be downright expensive. Instead of adding a temporary program in your account, you can unlock the device to buy a pre-paid SIM card or a local card at a reasonable rate allowing you to use the phone abroad just like you do at home.

  • Changing the service provider

The wireless service providers often go head to head with each other offering features to reduce the rates. If you are the one to get rid of those scary contracts, you will feel happy to unlock the device. All those providers that are still under the bindings of contracts, the phones are subsidized or discounted through a plan, which implies that the phone is locked. Other companies have moved away from the contracts to offer unlimited data. If you are satisfied with the contactless services, you may be the one to switch to the new program.

  • Repairing or replacing the device

For smartphone users, crack on the screen is common. Visiting the manufacturer or a third party seller is going to increase your waiting period, so you can unlock your device and out the SIM card into a temporary phone and port your service.

  • Selling the device

Have you ever purchased a pre-owned smartphone, it may be unlocked in most of the cases and the device can be supported through various wireless users. For selling an unlocked device, you can make more bucks. For those who are interested to buy second-hand devices, the unlocked devices offer a better option.

If you want a safe, secure and faster way to unlock your LG device, make sure you know the IMEI number. Using the third-party service may be necessary if you are not willing to take the risk yourself.

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