Handy Tips on How to Choose the Best Console Game

    Handy Tips on How to Choose the Best Console Game
    Handy Tips on How to Choose the Best Console Game

    Do you know how to choose the best console game properly and correctly? There are myriads of console games out there, offering their specialty, benefits, and attractions to gamers like you. Unless you are loaded, you don’t want to buy every single console that catches your attention. Each console has its own perks and flaws. You need to know what you expect from each of them, so you can narrow down your option – and don’t end up with empty pockets and empty bank accounts.

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    Types of Games

    Your game preference will determine the type of console suitable for your needs. If you are hoping to play together with the kids, then Nintendo should be your priority. After all, it is like Disney in the gaming industry.

    They have tons of child-friendly games such as Super Mario, Mickey Mouse, Pokemon (and Pikachu), and such thing alike. Plus, their console has online communication restriction that would prevent your kids from interacting with strangers.

    If you are serious gamers and you want those games for yourself, then PS4 would be right up your alley. Last of Us, God of War, Devil May Cry, or Call of Duty are just several examples of the games to enjoy. But if you have kids, this one may not be the perfect choice for you. Now, deciding which one to buy between Xbox One and PS4 may not be the easiest thing to do, considering that they are almost the same. Xbox offers built-in HD Ultra BluRay player for those having the 4K TV. So, the choice is yours.

    Price and Extras

    One crucial thing about knowing how to choose the best console game is the price. Each of the consoles may not have so much differentiation in the price, but you should also consider the extra cost for gaining direct online access.

    For instance, the Wii and Wii U are free. PS3 is also free, while PS4 charges $28 for 3 months of online play – it would be $70 for a year. The switch offers $6 for a month, $12 for 3 months, and $30 for a year. If you are interested in paid subscriptions, you may gain access to free games and also special discounts.

    Additional controllers would also add up to your expenses – and they aren’t cheap either. For instance, PS4 would cost you $90. Individual Switch Joy-Con would cost you $70 while a pair will cost you $120.

    This is the official price list, not the one listed on the third-party providers. If you gambler addict then you should consider whether the console is possible to play poker online or not because some console is not allowing users to play gambling games.

    Handy Tips on How to Choose the Best Console Game
    Handy Tips on How to Choose the Best Console Game


    How to choose the best console game? Consider the feature! Today’s consoles aren’t designed to play games only as they are also equipped with the latest technologies and features. For instance, you can find video streaming service (like YouTube, Netflix, and even Crunchyroll) on Xbox and PS4. Some consoles provide catch-up service (free) apps such as TenPlay or ABC iView but some are able to offer exclusive service.

    Xbox One and PS4 also have DLNA support as well as plug the hardrive to the console. DLNA support means that you are able to stream your digital (video) files directly to the console from devices within your home network, like NAS drive or PC.

    In the meanwhile, Sony and Microsoft manage digital video rental and purchase services through the console. Xbox One enables you to enjoy HD TV service (free to air) if you purchase the extra accessory for a digital TV tuner.

    Exclusive Games

    Keep in mind that some games are pretty exclusive and can only be found on certain console. For instance, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted series are only available on PS, while Forza and Halo can only be found on Xbox.

    Mario and Zelda are exclusive to Nintendo. Nintendo consoles don’t come with powerful processing ability and graphic capabilities, so most games for PS4 or Xbox One won’t be found on Switch or Wii U. This is one of the reasons why you may find a Nintendo console beside the Xbox One or PS4 console.

    Classic Games

    If you are into vintage games, then you need to find a console supporting it. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are offering classic titles as digital download. You can find those titles at the online stores. You will have to subscribe to the service, but it enables you to play games that you won’t find elsewhere. Not to mention that Sony has a cloud-based service that will make it easy to access.

    All in all, it comes down to your preference, like, and needs. There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to choosing a favorable console. As long as you know how to choose the best console game, you should be able to pick one that fits your needs.


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