Wifi and passwords exclusively for Potter-nerds

Wifi and passwords exclusively for Potter-nerds
Wifi and passwords exclusively for Potter-nerds

Harry Potter is the name that needs no explanation at all. People who are not yet familiar with the name of Potter and Hogwarts are truly the “muggles” who are completely unaware of the beautiful yet magical world of Harry Potter. There are two groups of people; one who thinks Harry Potter is just a fantasy series of books or movies and the other who literally eat, sleep and breathe in Harry Potter. There is always a conflict between the two just like people have conflicting thoughts about Brazil and Argentina.

Now, more than twenty years have passed since the first publication of the book series of Harry Potter but those youngsters who are now adults and even today’s youngsters are all being so obsessed with the narcotic effect of the Potter world that many of them have started using Harry Potter wifi names and Harry Potter passwords.
List of WiFi names
Unlike the conventional wifi names, the unique and creative wifi names are in trend nowadays. It can be anything from your favorite novel or poem to favorite songs as well. Let us now explore a few wifi SSIDs related to the fictional magical world of Potter, Weasley, and Granger.

Wifi and passwords exclusively for Potter-nerds
Wifi and passwords exclusively for Potter-nerds
  • Go Away Muggle:  You know who these muggles are.
  • The Forbidden Forest: Does not it feel like you are professor Dumbledore who is warning the student of Hogwarts ( in your case the “hackers” and “trespassers”) to stay away from the dark forbidden forest (  the access to internet ).
  • Keeper of the Keys: Like Hagrid, you are the keeper of the keys to your internet and your mom or dad has authorised to protect the keys ( passwords for your case ).
  • Swish and Flick: This is the cutest episode of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. While reading or watching this scene, for once at least, we all have tried to “swish and flick” our homemade wands!
  • Dobby is a free elf: Dobby is one of the most favourite characters of the Potterheads. The way Dobby helped Harry is really heartwarming. And also no one forgets how Harry set Dobby free by tricking Malfoy. It is the time to set Dobby, the free elf as your wifi protector.
  • Horcrux:  Do you think internet wifi is a Horcrux for you? If so then you can put this as the SSID names as well.
  • Diagon Alley: Now this wizarding alley has everything starting from shops, restaurants to banks, the Gringotts. Is not the internet look like Diagon Alley for all us with the access to everything?
  • After all this time? Always: Well, this is perhaps the most emotional dialogue from the entire series.Setting this as your wifi name will be more like showing tribute to Severus Snape.

List of passwords
Now let us move on to passwords. Like your wifi names, passwords should also be relevant and easy to remember. Being a Potterhead keep your passwords easy for you but difficult for others to remember. Your muggle friend or cousin will find it really challenging to understand the meaning and memorise the wizarding password. These passwords are respectively given with the relevance of the wifi names earlier.

  • Muggle Artefacts: Do you remember the muggle artefacts of Mr Arthur Weasley? How about keeping your password as “muggle artefacts” if you pretend to be a wizard like Weasleys?
  • Aragog: The name that strikes the mind at first when you heard the term Forbidden Forest is Aragog, the “acromantula” of Hagrid – the giant spider and his numerous hungry kids. It will quite easy for you to remember the name as your password.
  • Fang and Norbert: The two cute yet grotesque looking pets of Hagrid. Will your muggle friend understand them?
  • WingardiumLeviosa: This is going to be a real challenge for your muggle friends to remember this password or hackers will hardly be able to decode it!
  • Malfoy Manor: The house Dobby served initially. Let others guess.
  • Tom Riddle’s Diary: The very first Horcrux to be destroyed, no one forgets it.
  • Ollivanders: There is no Diagon Alley without Ollivanders, the Wand Shop and the old fellow shopkeeper.
  • Salazar Slytherin: One of the most quirky houses at Hogwarts school. Let your password be unpredictable as well, the unpredictable Slytherins.

If you need more interesting harry potter passwords & wifi names then read on it.

Moreover, every page of Harry Potter will give you some or more such unique ideas. If you are a Potterhead and want your wifi name to be unique, you know exactly what to do. In today’s world, you will undoubtedly find one or two potter lovers in your locality and it can be a virtual competition with the other potter-nerd. Also, it is the time to confuse the people with these unique potter-terms, who are not yet familiar with the magical world of Harry Potter.

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