How Can We Convert Word Document to PDF Online


    The PDF editor is not included in the free version of the default PDF reading tools that most users use regularly. To edit PDF documents, you’ll need to pay for one of their premium plans, which can be expensive.

    There are several online PDF editors that give a secure environment for users to do the operation. CocoDoc is one of the greatest online PDF editors. We’ll go over the details of the online service and how it differs from other services in this article.

    What Is CocoDoc and How Does It Work?

    CocoDoc is one of the most widely used PDF converters, with over 190 nations using it. Leading news outlets, including TechRadar, Phandroid, iLounge, and TechTimes, have given it positive reviews. Text, links, photos, and signatures can all be added to PDF documents with this application.

    You may use the open-source PDF editor to execute many functions on a PDF file. Editing files, signing them for formal purposes, merging files, and compressing files are among the features. This software can convert PDF files to a number of different formats. You can also create PDF files in a variety of formats. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and JPG are examples of these formats. 

    Within a single folder, the application allows you to resize several files. The best feature of this PDF editor is its cloud-based platform. To put it another way, it can be accessed from any device or platform. To utilize the website, open it and drag and drop the PDF file into the editor. You may also unlock, compress, and encrypt your PDF files.

    How to Convert DOC to PDF in a Simple Way

    Here are the methods to use CocoDoc to convert DOC to PDF.

    Step 1: Make an account and gain access to the file converters.

    If you are not currently a member of CocoDoc, first create a free account by completing the registration process. The registration procedure is straightforward and takes only a few minutes to complete. Then, to utilize this utility, click on the Doc to PDF converter.

    Step 2: Add the file to your computer

    The following step is to submit the document you wish to convert to PDF.

    When you click the Select file box, a tab will open to search for your document and upload it by selecting the file or dragging the folder into the website directly. You can also paste document file URLs or upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive. CocoDoc offers a user-friendly design that makes it simple to follow up with everything. 

    Step: 3 Download and Share the file.

    Sit back and relax after you’ve uploaded your file. Your document will be instantly converted to a PDF file. You can save your file to your device or share it with others once converted to PDF format.

    What Services Does CocoDoc Offer?

    The quality and diversity of the features offered or supported by an online tool are only as good as the features it supports. CocoDoc’s website is a well-known online PDF editor with a wide range of capabilities. Read more so you would know that this section will explain what those characteristics are and how they can help you edit PDFs more quickly. 

    • Compress PDF Files

    The majority of users prefer to save PDF files to their cloud storage accounts. However, they frequently express dissatisfaction with such services’ limited storage capacity. CocoDoc understands your predicament. It fills the need by providing a compression tool that reduces the size of PDF files, allowing users to share more content to the cloud.

    • Converting to and from PDF

    CocoDoc also allows users to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG formats. This endeavor makes it easier for individuals to open files on various gadgets, notably if they do not support the PDF format for whatever reason.

    PDF files can be challenging to edit. It is recommended that you convert your Word, Excel, or PPT documents to PDF if you want to prohibit other users from altering the information. CocoDoc comes with a professional setup that can quickly convert MS Office documents and even JPG photos to PDF.

    • Instantly edit a PDF.

    CocoDoc is a free online PDF editor that freely allows users to change the text and images in a PDF file. While adding new content to the document, the font and size can be adjusted. It also allows users to include timestamps, notes, and checkmarks in PDFs. They can also delete any content on the PDF. For marketing purposes, one can also include their own or company’s signature. 

    • It secures the PDF.

    If you want to share a PDF document with secret information across many devices or platforms, it could be unsafe. When this happens, it’s a good idea to encrypt the PDF file with a strong password. Furthermore, the CocoDoc PDF editor provides password security using advanced encryption technologies, allowing you to encrypt and safeguard PDF files online. 

    What Makes CocoDoc the Most Efficient PDF Editor?

    Many applications that allow editing and producing PDF files now exist due to the massive expansion in internet usage and technology. However, there are a few more factors that make the application attractive. Some of these features will be explored in this article:

    • The OCR technology function essentially aids in the automated extraction of data from written or printed texts. This feature helps the user to create and scan PDF files quickly and accurately. You may use this to scan photos or any other file type and convert it to a machine-readable format.
    • There are step-by-step guidelines available if someone cannot understand the process of modifying the file or using any feature. To gain help, he can read the steps for merging, compressing, and checking for spelling problems.
    • Whether you’re using CocoDoc for personal or official purposes, the security of your files is essential in both cases. During file transfers, the application uses 256-bit SSL encryption. 

    No one, including the application’s servers, will have access to your password-protected files. Furthermore, the server’s created and processed files will be removed automatically.

    • The software allows users to download, modify, and share their forms from one device to another.
    • The application delivers a secure and efficient e-Signature for official use. The program allows users to customize signatures before encrypting the signed documents.
    • Users can now easily share their files via automated document distribution thanks to the app. The application would automatically transmit a copy of the document to the recipients after being created or edited in PDF format.


    The article highlights CocoDoc, a web-based PDF editor that allows users to modify PDF files and generate numerous forms. Similarly, the software enables you to convert PDF files into other formats and email them to any recipient. The app has OCR technology, which is highly useful for transforming image files and text into text format.

    CocoDoc allows you to combine many files by converting them to the same format. The app allows for integration with social media apps. This means you can share your newly created or revised form on WhatsApp with anyone. Anyone looking for an editor as well as converter software can find help here.


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