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From mobile phones’ dependence, creating a business website is as essential as brushing your teeth daily. A functional website strengthens its marketing by a threshold. For applications, 60% of users prefer having a mobile app for purchases compared to a site. For interaction-based businesses, such as shopping, having an application is more beneficial than a responsive website. App developers in San Francisco, such as Exemplary Marketing, help create the perfect platform for your users. 

Mobi-sites have a bad reputation because it chokes up the browser as they are more complex and heavy compared to desktop sites. Other than that, we listed the important reasons you should build an app and strengthen the core of your business.

It’s faster

Applications are 1.5 times faster than mobile sites. Your data is saved on the app, which makes retrieval and transaction history more convenient. For mobile-sites, data needs to be taken from browsers, which takes considerable time depending on the network speed. Moreover, mobile-apps use Java-Script to run functions, whereas applications have a framework that makes the process five times more speed. All of this is unnoticed by the user as it is happening at the back-end; hence, the user receives a seamless experience. 

Recognition Increases Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is essential for the marketing of the business. The user experience is smoothened out by developing a connection between the user and the brand. Notifications and reminders also help customers repeatedly using the platform as they are reminded of the products and services. In-App notifications pop up when the user opens the application, while push notifications occur regardless of whether the app is opened. All this helps in brand recognition, and the more of the app the user will see, the more likely they will be to choose the app over its competitors. Hence, your sales increase by promoting your services. 

Tool for Customer Engagement

 Exemplary Marketing is one of the mobile app developers in San Francisco, which offers business customer communication. Their concerns are listened to and are resolved, and apps help keep the connection through online desk support. Hence, it makes your brand more human by making a database of your information. This data is useful for the business because it can use it for research purposes and improve its services for its target audience. 

Personalized Content

Allowing the users to personalize their feed makes them more content than having them use the standard layout. It can be personalized through their likes and dislikes, their location, and culture. Building the best features for your app is vital to make your interface more aesthetic. To make your app more appealing, it should be simple. A complicated design might confuse the users and may opt for a competitor with more straightforward navigation resulting in a decrease in sales. It should be compatible with both the App Store and Play Store as they are both popular platforms that will help gain more customers. A popular strategy is to integrate social media for better communication. Having the ability to share content lets your users have more options to be dynamic and automatically spread awareness of your business. 

Online and Offline Access

While mobile-sites are based on redirecting links, mobile apps are accessed through taps. The offline access makes the experience more convenient as data can be offered without having an internet connection. Users can use platforms such as banking, news, games, and streaming without a hassle. However, crucial functions such as transactions require an internet connection. It is only the primary content that can be seized. 

SEO and ASO Potential

Increasing the visibility of your app helps your business grow. All apps lead to SEO, a strategy that leads to improving your website’s ranking. Google now ranks your in-app content too. It has also confirmed that more searches occur in mobile apps than in it does on desktops. Hence, your mobile app must be mentioned in the searches, gain new users, and target your existing ones to remain loyal to your brand. You can optimize your SEO on your application on app stores and include some Dynamic Success Metrics to ensure success as it is researched that 40% of the apps are discovered through app stores. 

Besides SEO, App Store Optimization (ASO) improves the visibility of your app. Both are similar enough to increase the rankings in relevance, but ASO focuses mainly on mobile app searches.


Mobile apps are a necessary tool for increasing business revenue; may it be a startup or an established market player. Taking advantage of people’s addiction to phones saves consumers time and enhances your business’s user experience. Understanding the benefits of app developers will get you to an innovative idea that will blow away your competitors. If you haven’t yet started thinking about it, then you are well off behind.

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