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Hinata was determined to protect and save her husband and son when the village of Konoha was being destroyed. Both Hinata and Naruto disappeared while they were defending Boruto. The pain did not kill her. In fact, Hinata got back her life and was healed in later episodes. 

This might be very confusing to multiple Naruto fans. So, this article discusses a lot about the death of Hinata. Keep reading. 

How Did Pain Kill Hinata?

If you believe that Pain killed Hinata, you are wrong. Actually, the Akatsuki leader and the antagonist of the series, Pain was not successful in killing Hinata in episode number 166 of Naruto Shippuden.  Hinata was only badly injured during the battle. Also, she was unconscious for a long period of time. But, when Sakura applied the Jutsu power, she regained consciousness. 

If you look at the adaptation of manga comics, you will be able to see that Pain, one of the strongest Akatsuki leaders, was so busy fighting against Naruto that he did not even focus on Hinata. So, she lucked out and Pain stabbed her. However, Pain missed an important target. As a result, Hinata ended up badly injuring herself and losing consciousness. 

Now, if you look at the anime version of Naruto Shippuden, you will be able to see that it was dirt everywhere when Pain was fighting against Naruto. So, he could not even see Hinata properly. That is why he missed her and Hinata was not killed by Pain. 

How Did Hinata Die? And What Did Naruto Do After Hinata Died?

Actually, Hinata did not die while she was fighting with Pain. However, Naruto had a strong belief in the death of Hinata. As a result, Naruto became very angry and sorrowful at the same time. The anger in Naruto forced him to get the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox in him. After that, Naruto involved himself in a terrible battle with Pain. ultimately, he defeated Pain. at the same time, he came to know that Hinata was still alive. This made him quite relieved and full of gratitude. 

This incident is quite important in the anime series Naruto Shippuden. Many Naruto fans say that if Naruto would not believe Hinata’s death, he would not be able to defeat Pain in that fierce fight. 

Did Sakura Save Hinata?

Unfortunately, no, Sakura did nothing when Hinata was fighting against Pain. Hinata engaged herself in fighting against Pain to save Naruto and her son. But, Pain injured her badly. As a result, Naruto got very angry and defeated Pain.

However, Sakura played quite an important role in healing and resurrecting Hinata. When Sakura applied the Jutsu power, she regained consciousness. So, you can say that it was Sakura for whom Hinata got a new life in the series. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Did Hinata Wear Her Hair Short Originally?

Hinata always kept her hair short because she started to love Naruto. Also, she did not want to risk the approval of Sasuke. This is one theory. Another theory suggests that it was a culture of Japan to cut a girl’s hair short in case she was a reason for shame to her family or clan. 

2. When Did Hinata First Meet Naruto?

Naruto and Hinata first met near their school. Hinata fell in love with Naruto and they started to plan to enroll their names at the same time. 

Final Thoughts On Hinata’s Death

So, you can see that the death of Hinata is quite a confusing incident to many Naruto fans. Many of them think that Hinata dies in Naruto Shippuden. But, the truth is that Hinata is still alive in the Naruto series. She was only badly injured by Pain. now that, you know the actual story, you may explain this to your friends.

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