How Much Did Travis Scott Make From His Fortnite Concert

    Fortnite Sicko Mode: The Case of Travis Scott’s In-Game Concert Earnings
    Fortnite Sicko Mode: The Case of Travis Scott’s In-Game Concert Earnings

    Not a lot of games hold in-game concerts. Heck, Fortnite is probably the only game to hold some so far. Among the many artists that were given this rare opportunity is Travis Scott. So, since there’s no Fortnite Tracker for it, let’s ask the literal million-dollar question: Just how much money did he really make?

    Who is Travis Scott?

    Before we ask how much, we should first ask who Travis Scott is. Born and raised as Jacques Berman Webster II, his career, like most rappers’ careers, started small, with him releasing extended plays with his long-time friend on MySpace.

    After a series of events that weren’t exactly triumphs–forming a group and it being disbanded, later on, moving to New York and to Cali and back to his home, getting kicked out by his parents, and moving back to Cali–he finally got discovered by rapper and got a more stable musical career. A few years from then, he got big, thanks to singles like Goosebumps and Sicko Mode, as well as his touring, many of which had other big acts like Kanye West and Chris Brown.

    Besides music, Travis Scott’s other claim to fame is his former relationship with Kylie Jenner, a young Kardashian scion, and model. She’s also one of the highest-paid influencers. Together, they had a baby named Stormi Webster. And despite their breakup last year, the two are in good terms and were even spotted together, which could be a sign of them reconciling.

    Fortnite Sicko Mode: The Case of Travis Scott’s In-Game Concert Earnings
    Fortnite Sicko Mode: The Case of Travis Scott’s In-Game Concert Earnings

    Why Travis Scott?

    The better question for this would be why not Travis Scott! After all, he’s one of the hottest acts right now, and his style of “trap” is not only distinct but is also proof of how talented he is. Battle Royale Fortnite is all about hitting its player base’s likes, going as far as making all sorts of collaborations with all sorts of franchises like NFL and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    With Epic’s propensity to do things like that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’d also invite musical acts into the game. It also wouldn’t be a surprise that they chose Travis Scott, out of all the artists they could’ve chosen. Coincidentally, Mr. Scott is signed on to Epic Records. Despite the name, they have nothing to do with Epic Games, but the coincidence is not only amazing but also meaningful.

    Was Travis Scott the First?

    To be fair, Travis isn’t the first to have this honor. That would be Marshmello. Nevertheless, it’s still an honor. Plus, while the artist with a mascot who’s known for hits like Here With Me, Happier, and Alone managed to be the first, Travis’s in-game concert, dubbed as Astronomical, was bigger, with over 12 million–an impressive number for Fortnite Stats–players taking a break from trying to get chicken dinners just to see the rapper’s giant avatar vibing to hits such as Highest in the Room and The Scotts.

    If you missed the concert, which took place on April 23 to 25, you can check out YouTube, where many fans uploaded the experience. There’s also the official Fortnite and Travis Scott presents Astronomical playlist on Spotify. That means you can relive the concert even when you’re out and about!

    How Much Did Travis Scott Make?

    Now, finally, the question: how much did Travis Scott make out of his concert? The answer is that only Travis Scott, Epic Games, Spotify, and industry insiders know. Surely, Epic Games paid Travis, and it definitely wasn’t in the six digits–that’s just too small. Also, the concert helped boost his Spotify numbers and album sales.  Turns out there’s no Fortnite stats tracker for money. So, while no Fortnite Tracker manages to track down the exact figures, it’s safe to say that it was huge.

    Perhaps we asked the wrong question. Yes, money is definitely an important factor, but it’s not everything. Sometimes, good music and good games are just about that: good games and good music!


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