Explained: How Old Is Kakashi In Boruto?

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Being a Naruto fan, you might want to know: how old is Kakashi in Boruto? Kakashi Hatake is considered one of the iconic and most loved characters in the Naruto series. If you see the Naruto series, you will be able to see Kakashi Hatake as the leader of Team 7 which includes Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura.

Kakashi was 26 years old at that time. He was a sensei and was 31 years old when Naruto Shippuden ended. Now, his age should be 35 to 37 years when Boruto came off. So, you can say that Kakashi Hateke was almost 48 years old in Boruto. 

Kakashi Hatake was considered one of the most significant characters in the Naruto series. That is why a lot of fans show huge interest in the character of Kakashi. So, today, this article discusses the age of Kakashi when Boruto begins. 

Let’s start then.   

What Is Kakashi’s Age When Boruto Begins?

How Old Is Kakashi in Boruto?

If you are a true Naruto fan, you will know that the real age of Kakashi is not revealed anywhere in the series. However, if you calculate properly, you will see that Kakashi Hatake is at least 45 to 48 years old in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

Kakashi Hatake was one of those characters who joined the Anbu group at the age of 13. Kakashi was doing his duties as Anbu when the Nine-Tailed Beast, Kurama attacked the Hidden Leaf Village. This attack was done when Naruto was about to bear. Therefore, you can say that Naruto and Kakashi have 14 years of an age gap.  Naruto was 17 years old at the end of Naruto Shippuden. He got married to Hinata Hyuga at the age of 19. So, we can say that Kakashi Hatake was 33 to 34 years old at that time. 

Hinata gave birth to Boruto after one year of her marriage to Naruto. The storyline of Boruto starts 12 years later. So, it indicates when the Boruto series begins, Naruto has become 33 to 34 years old and the age gap between Kakashi and him is 14 years. As a result, Kakashi Hatake must have been 48 years old when the Boruto series begins.  

How Old Is Kakashi When He Got Sharingan?

How Old Is Kakashi in Boruto?

Kakashi Hatake was only 12 years old when he got the Sharingan. At the age of six, Kakashi Hatakex got the position of a chunin. But, it took another six years for him to promote to join. This promotion took place during the Third Shinobi World War. At that time, Kakashi was in charge of his team. 

Unfortunately, one of his teammates, Rin was kidnapped and Obito determined to save her. Kakashi wanted to finish his mission at first but later decided to help Obito. While rescuing Rin, Obito sacrificed his life to save Kakashi and gave him his one eye as a replacement. 

This new eye was the symbol of his newly awakened Sharingan. Therefore, at the age of 12, Kakashi got the Sharingan. 

How Old Was Kakashi Hatake When He Became The Sixth Hokage?

Naruto fans will know that the 5th Hokage was Tsunade. He expended all her chakras to protect the people of Hidden Leaf Village when Pain, the Akatsuki leader, and the antagonist attacked the village. When all her chakras expended, Tsunade went into a coma. 

Now, Kakashi Hatake was elected as one of the Hokages before he officially got the position. However, after Tsunade, Danzo Shimura became the 6th Hokage. But, unfortunately, Sasuke instantly killed him. Only then, Shikaku Nara recommended the name of Kakashi and he was elected the 6th Hokage by the villagers. Now, Kakashi Hatake was almost 30 years old at that time. 

However, Tsunade recovered from the coma. She took back her position again as a Hokage. At that time, Naruto turned 16 years old. At last,  one year after the 4th Shinobi World War, Kakashi Hatake was again elected as the 6th Hokage again by the Hidden Leaf Village. There, he replaced Tsunade. Kakashi might turn 31 or 32 years old at that time. 

What Is The Mystery? What Is Kakashi Genuinely’s Age?

A fictitious character from the Naruto anime and manga series is named Kakashi Hatake. It is known that he was a youthful prodigy who graduated from the Ninja Academy at a young age and became a jonin at the age of 13, but the anime never directly states what his actual age was.

Kakashi is assumed to be around his late 20s or early 30s during the events of the main Naruto plot based on the events in the series and other cues given by the series’ creator, Masashi Kishimoto. This is merely a guess, and the character’s precise age is still unknown.

It’s important to note that the author purposefully hid some information concerning Kakashi’s past and private life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Old is Naruto In Boruto Series?

Hinata gave birth to Boruto after one year of her marriage to Naruto. The storyline of Boruto starts 12 years later. So, it indicates when the Boruto series begins, Naruto has become 33 to 34 years old. 

Q2. How Old Is Boruto In Boruto Series?

When the Boruto series begins, Boruto was 12 years old. The storyline starts after 12 years of Boruto’s birth.

Final Thoughts

Multiple important events took place in the life of Kakashi Hatake at different ages. As he was a great warrior in his clan, his life was full of events. We see him both in Naruto and Boruto series at different ages. 

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