How To Attract Migrants In Dwarf Fortress [Updated 2023]


Do you want to know how to attract migrants In Dwarf Fortress? Well, if you want to attract and get more migrants into this game, you will have to-

  • Wait until migrants arrive naturally.
  • Make improvements in your Fortress.
  • Check the migrant message. 

 The game, Dwarf Fortress is one of the most popular and advanced colony simulator games that are released on Steam. If you are thinking of playing the game, Dwarf Fortress, you will have to make sure that not only you can survive in this game, but also progress and grow. 

Therefore, you, as a player, have to attract and get more People who are known as Migrants into your group. Getting more Migrants is an important part of growing your settlement and workforce. So, if you do not know how to attract migrants in Dwarf Fortress to your settlement, you can keep reading this article for the necessary information. 

Let’s start. 

How Do I Get More Migrants In Dwarf Fortress?

How Do I Get More Migrants In Dwarf Fortress?

You will be able to get more Migrants in Dwarf Fortress by letting them arrive in your settlement naturally. Migrants arrive every season. Therefore, you must update the quarters to houses frequently. 

Also, you need to keep in mind that you have to maintain a low death count in your settlement. This way, your settlement will always remain attractive. Migrants who arrive in your settlement may have children and domestic animals. Therefore, you must provide them with the necessary facilities and food. 

You may also send your Dwarf messenger to Hillocks and invite the migrants. 

If there has been a huge number of deaths in one season, you cannot have any migrants at that time. Therefore, you must ensure that your fortress is protected and safe. 

How To Attract Immigrants In Dwarf Fortress Into Your Settlement

Wait Until Migrants Arrive Naturally

You can wait until migrants arrive in your settlement naturally. It solely depends on how safe and protected your Fortress is. If your Fortress’s essential skills such as food production, mining, crafting, etc. are working finely, you can have more migrants. 

However, the wave of the first two migrants is fixed. The first two groups of Migrants include 1 to 10 people (dwarfs). The wealth in your Fortress is also considered very important for attracting more migrants. You will have to enhance the wealth of your fortress constantly. 

📈Make Improvements In Your Fortress📈

Improving your Fortress will get more and more migrants. For example, you need to make more bedrooms and beds, dormitories, etc. also, you will need to make more guild halls, temples, meeting halls, taverns, and a lot more things. On the other hand, you cannot avoid things such as leatherworking workshops. This is one of the essential parts of getting more migrant dwarfs. You can also attract different groups of migrant dwarfs such as thieves, nobles, and musicians. Even you can attract dangerous groups like goblins and elves. 

🤔Remember The Migrant Message

In case migrants are about to arrive in the settlement or Fortress, you will see some messages. 

Normal message: A migrant has arrived or some migrants have arrived. 

Migrants arrive even after deaths: Some migrants have arrived, despite the danger.

Migrants are about to arrive despite too many deaths: Some migrants have decided to brave this terrifying place, even if they know this place can be their tomb. 

🖌Check Some Specific Things🖌

If you do not get enough migrants in your fortress, you need to check some specific things. In case your fortress reaches 200 people, migrants will not come to your settlement. Therefore, you will need to enhance the population by having kids in such a situation. When the first winter comes, there will be no migrating at all. 

The number of migrating people will decrease if there are too many deaths in your fortress. So, make sure that your fortress has a low death count. 

How To Remain ‘Attractive’ In The Game, Dwarf Fortress

You and your settlement will have to remain attractive in order to get more Migrants into your group. So, you may want to know how you can remain attractive in the game, Dwarf Fortress. 

Actually, there is only one method that can help you remain attractive in this game. You will need to maintain a low death count. The size and message of the migration group solely depend on how safe a player’s settlement is. In case you can’t maintain a low death count, you will not be able to get a huge number of Migrants. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where do migrants come from Dwarf Fortress?

In the game, Dwarf Fortress, Migrants come from Hillocks. Therefore, you will be able to send your messenger to the Hilliocks and invite the Migrants. 

Q2. What is the limit of immigration in Dwarf Fortress?

In the game, Dwarf Fortress, the limit of immigration is 3000. In case, the number of local people reaches that number, you will not be able to get any migrants.  

Q3. How do you turn away migrants in Dwarf Fortress?

Here is how players will be able to turn away migrants in the game Dwarf Fortress.

  • They will have to hover over the settings menu in the game.
  • After that, they will have to lower the limit of the population. 
  • They can make a door. But, they should not let anyone in. instead, they will have to smash them with the help of a bridge. 
  • They can also reach the regular boring route.
  • After that, they may remove any extras and set a limit. 

Final Thoughts

Migrants will help you to progress and grow your settlement and workforce. So, you must do the necessary steps to get more and more migrants. If you remember the steps that are discussed here, it will definitely help you out. Happy gaming! 

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