How To Avoid Getting Rigged In Online Casinos


Life’s a gamble so why not challenge your luck in the casino, right? At least once a year, my friends and I would call up each other and schedule what we’d like to call a “Casino Night.” On this one night, we pretend like big shot millionaires, dressing up all fancy, wearing them high heels, and carrying that bedazzling little pouch as if we have a checkbook in it just waiting to be taken out. 

But no, we don’t really. All we carry with us is a $100 – $200 allowance money and we use up most of it on drinks anyway. While gambling is far from being my bread and butter, it just feels good to go out every once in a while to try a hand with luck. Sometimes you win; other times you lose. But the rush of dopamine you feel while you play is irreplaceable (check this out). I think it helps me look younger than my actual age too – or not. 

Anyway, the key to really enjoying gambling activities is to not play like your whole life depends on it. If you can, it wouldn’t actually be pretty wise to play what you can lose. Like, if you just have an extra $50, go bet that. If it doubles or triples, fair win – right? Thing is, people, get a little too invested in the casino that they forget that they have a life outside of it, probably a family waiting at home too. 

But of course, I’m also guilty of doing some spontaneous fun every once in a while. Even if the girls and I don’t decide to meet up, I go online and check out internet gambling. Sometimes, I even find myself amazed by how fast technology has seeped into society. I mean, at first, people were just using it for Wikipedia but look at it now. We use it for communication, shopping, paying bills, filing taxes, and yes – gambling.

How Does Online Gambling Work?

Most casino games online are the same set of games you’ll find in any real-world casino. There’s poker, slot machines, Baccarat, roulettes, etc. The only thing that’s different is that you now have to play virtually. In other words, everything is done on the screen. You just need a device to connect to the internet with and electronic money to bet with. Don’t worry, though. Most of these websites accept Visa and MasterCard so you don’t have to worry about converting to online currency or anything like that. Read more about this here:

Depending on the game, you can play against a programmed banker or against other online players like yourself. So, for example, you’re playing a card game. What usually happens is that you get a hand, other online players get a hand, and you just all play as you would when you’re face-to-face in a round table.         

Are Online Casinos Legit?

Since we’re talking about online companies here – meaning we’re talking about a body of people who simply exist in code and script – there will always be risks. There are fraudulent websites that will pose as an online casino to steal your card information or get you into purchasing a product that doesn’t really exist. But of course, these types of hilly-billy websites are the minority in the online world. They’re pretty easy to avoid too. You can check out 로투스 홀짝 for more information too.

If a casino is not all that popular or if it’s relatively new, you should steer clear from it. If possible, only trust companies that you know have offline offices (preferably casinos you’ve visited in the past). If the website seems outdated, verify the domain whether it is still active and whether the same people are still running it. You see, there are so many online casinos that you’ll never run out of options so it’s okay to be a little more scrutinizing when it comes to selecting which ones you want to play on. 

Is It Possible For Online Casinos To Be Rigged?

As I said previously, chances are there but if you choose a big casino to play with (online and offline), you’ll have far lower risks of getting duped. Even if they operate online, casinos are still monitored very strictly by relevant authorities of the industry. They are usually required to submit reports, declare earnings, procure licenses and permissions, etc. All in all, play with a bigger and more established company and you’ll be safe.

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