How To Become A Judge In BitLife? [Updated 2023]

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Do you wonder how to become a judge in BitLife? There is a clear and short walk through for you.

First of all, you have to select the proper stream of education after high school and choose appropriate subjects like English or Political Science. Once you are done with the primary education to become a judge, you must be admitted to BitLife Law School. But remember, if there is any loophole in this whole process, you might get rejected from taking admission to the Law School.

After you complete your degree in Law from Law School, you have to work as a Lawyer to gain experience. This Experience will finally make you the judge in BitLife.

Let me give you a clearer idea about how to get into Law School in BitLife.

Requirements To Become A Judge In BitLife

It is not that anyone can become a judge in BitLife. To become a judge, one needs to meet certain criteria and he or she has to be educated and experienced enough to sit on the post.

Below I am giving you the requirements for becoming a judge in BitLife. Take a look.

  • You have to start by taking subjects like English or Political Science to be eligible for getting admitted to Law School.
  • Complete your studies in Law School.
  • Become a Lawyer and start practicing.
  • Spend at least 30 years as a Lawyer.
  • Apply for the Judge post.

How To Get The Judge Job In BitLife?

To become a Magistrate in BitLife, you need to study Political Science in council and also go to Law School to become a counsel.

After getting a counsel, gain work experience and increase your intelligence and character to increase your chances of being appointed as a Magistrate. You can also come a counsel and also run for the position of Magistrate in the original election to increase your chances of getting the job.

Actions To Take To Become A Judge

  • If your goal in BitLife is to become a judge, then you must have to follow the below-mentioned steps.
  • Be specific with your education. You must have to complete your High School studies.
  • After high school, you have to study either Political Science or English to be eligible to apply to a Law School.
  • Once you complete your Law School studies, you have to start working as a Lawyer and you must have at least 30 years of experience working as a Lawyer to apply for the judge post.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Judge In BitLife?

You need to be a lawyer first and work as a lawyer for at least 30 years to become a judge in BitLife.

  • Complete High School studies.
  • Take a degree in either Political Science or English to be eligible for applying to a Law School.
  • Complete Law School studies.
  • Start working as a lawyer and gain experience of at least 30 years.
  • Then you can apply for the judge post.

Benefits of Becoming A Judge In BitLife 

Judge is a very honorable post. It takes hard work to become a judge in BitLife. And once you get the post of a judge for the first time, you will be able to gain more experience and apply for Court Judge, District Court Judge, etc.

The Final Words

BitLife – Life Simulator is one of the most famous games around the world. Here you can choose the career option you like and grow in your loved profession. Such a profession in BitLife is to be a judge. But a lot of people want to know how to become a judge in BitLife as they do not know the procedure. And that is why I have given all details so that now you can try to become a judge in your favorite video game BitLife – Life Simulator without facing any difficulties. All the best! Happy gaming!

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