Esports have increasingly grown in popularity with professional gamers today, competing for millions of dollars in cash prizes in famous tournaments such as the International Dota 2 Championship. While there is a misconception that video gaming is not constructive, professional esports has provided career opportunities for many players, and they make a lot of money annually. Many brands and sponsors are getting involved in esports more now, which means more job opportunities are available for players in the game and enthusiasts. So, how do you become a pro in esports?

Choose a game you are best at

There are many types of competitive video games, and you should choose one that works for you. But, choose a well-established game or a highly upcoming one, love it, and have the determination to become a pro at it. The advantage of selecting an established game such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or League of Legends is that infrastructure such as player base, sponsorships, and lucrative prizes are already in place to support competitive gamers.

The downside is that an established game is more competitive, and you may fail to successfully thrive at it, which then reminds you of picking a new and upcoming video game. With a new game, you can explore it more, and it tends to accommodate different playstyles at the beginning. But, ensure you stick with a game you love since you will be playing for a long time.

Find motivation

It would help if you found a positive motivation to play. Playing for the love of competition, passion, and want to contribute to a team are positive things that can motivate you to play. Positive motivation is what will keep you going. If you play for fame or quick success, you may end up giving up before you become a pro.

Join the esports community

Even though becoming a pro at gaming is a personal talent, joining an esports community allows you to learn more about it. Check out the eSport Fans League Blogto find out where fans and players congregate, and esports forums. You will gain more experience with the game, determine if it aligns with your goals or expectations, and interact more with other players.

Equip yourself

To become a pro in esports, you need to gear up the right equipment for practice from the gaming mouse to the mechanical keyboard. Gaming peripherals come in variety differing in sizes, types, and sensitivity. When choosing peripherals, ensure you be consistent and choose the best. Pick equipment that does not lag, and if you can afford the equipment they use at the esport gaming house, the better. Watching more events will help you know what gaming peripherals are good.

Familiarising yourself with the equipment is vital to prepare you for the nerve and pressure of real-time competitive gaming.

Practice more

Practicing is the way to becoming a pro. Familiarise yourself with the game, gain new skills, and develop and maintain them. Take time to master the game mechanics and a specific skill until it sticks to your memory. For instance, stay focused to maximize actions per minute and aiming with accuracy.

Research on the game playing strategies, study other players’ tactics and attend gaming forums. Follow and watch live esports events so that you catch a glimpse of how professional players win it. Replay your matches to know and work on your mistakes.

Expose yourself out there

You can create an online presence using social media and streaming to gain fans. You can also volunteer to work with companies or tournaments involved with esport to gain more experience, connections, and build up your CV. Also, find a team and play along with other players so that you get noticed.

Compete and improve your experience

Building relationships with other players will get you to the competitive ladder. Start networking and compete more. That way, you will continue to evolve as a gamer and eventually become a pro in esports. Grow your expertise, social skills, positive motivation, and maintain a healthy gaming lifestyle.

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