How To Become President In Bitlife?[2023]


If you are a player of BitLife, you might want to know how to become President in BitLife. In order to become President of the game, BitLife, you will have to follow some steps. You need to-

You must fulfill the following criteria in order to become the President of BitLife:

  • be a citizen of a democratic nation at birth.
  • In college, major in political science to graduate with honors.
  • Win the election if you run for a political position such as mayor or governor.
  • Obtain political experience and preserve a high approval rating.
  • When the election is held, run for President and take the majority of the votes.

BitLife allows players to live the life of their dreams. You can be a doctor, firefighter, politician, and a lot more in BitLife. Becoming President is one of them. 

So, today, in this article, I am going to discuss how to become President in BitLife in detail. Keep reading. 

How To Become President In Bitlife? (Step By Step)

how to become president in bitlife

You can take the following actions to run for President in BitLife and become a prosperous politician:

  • To better understand the political system, major in political science in college and earn a good GPA.
  • To obtain practical experience, run for local governmental positions like governor, mayor, or member of the school board.
  • Make sure to keep a high approval rating throughout your term by making deft choices and enacting laws that assist your constituents.
  • To gather support and build alliances, contact other politicians through networking.
  • By participating in events, making speeches, and cultivating an admirable reputation, you can get notoriety and a larger social media following.
  • Declare your run for president once you have accumulated sufficient experience and support.
  • Engage in active campaigning by making speeches, running commercials, and talking to voters.
  • Finally, gain a majority of the vote to win the election and lead your nation as president in BitLife.

Requirements For Becoming President In BitLife

  • You will need to be 35 years old. 
  • It would help if you bought Citizenship.
  • You have to join politics and be a famous politician.
  •  You will have to begin campaigning. 
  • You need to pay $4.99 to buy citizenship in BitLife. 

Final Thoughts

It takes a mix of education, experience, and networking to become the President of BitLife. You can improve your chances of winning the presidential election and fulfilling your ambition to lead your nation in BitLife by engaging in active campaigning, engaging in local politics, maintaining a high Approval Rating, and maintaining a positive public image.

Now that you know what you have to do to become President in BitLife, you should start doing them. Complete those steps successfully and be a President. All the best! 

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