How To Bhop in CS:GO ( The Easy Way)

    How To Bhop in CS
    How To Bhop in CS

    People who play CSGO know, if you want to move around the map quickly, then the best way to do so would be to pull out your knife and start running. Although there is a faster way to move around the map, bunny hopping, you might’ve seen people bunny hop, especially if you’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to run into some hackers. In case you are still unclear as to what bunny hopping or bhopping is, bunny hopping is when you jump around the map rather than running. If done right, you can move around faster than you ever could have with running, but bunny hopping is hard. You need some serious skills to be able to pull it off, or you need hacks, but those are a big no-no and can result in you getting banned from CSGO, plus you don’t want people thinking you have such little gaming skills that you had to turn to hacks. What if there was a more legal way to easily get better at bunny hopping? Well, there is, so let me tell you how to bhop in CSGO.

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    How to Bhop

    Currently, the way that you would jump is by pressing the spacebar key on your keyboard, but imagine having to consecutively press the spacebar with pin-point accuracy whilst also having to think about dodging incoming gunfire from the enemy team, and in some cases even from your own team. What if there was another way to jump? Some way that doesn’t require you spamming a button a few hundred times a second until your finger and hand start cramping and you start cursing. What about your mouse’s scroll wheel? You don’t really need your mouse wheel when playing CSGO. You can use the number keys at the top of your keyboard to easily switch between weapons, even though it is a bit foreign to most people that play first-person shooters.

    Using the mouse wheel

    To be able to use our mouse wheel we will first need to bind the jump action to our mouse wheel. “So how do we bind our jump action to our mouse wheel?”, I hear you asking. For that, we will need to open up the developer console or change a few game files but I am not the biggest fan of messing around in the game files, there are just too many things that can go wrong. Imagine having to reinstall CSGO a few times a day because you keep breaking one of the scripts for the game. So, let’s rather head on over to CSGO, and do this the safer way.

    Open up the game settings, go on over to the “Game” tab, there should be a setting connected to the developer console, called: “Enable Developer Console (~)”. Make sure that the setting is set to yes. Once that is done you can just hit “Apply” and go back to the match or to the home screen. Now every time you press the “~” key (the key is usually found just underneath the escape key), you will open the developer console. The console gives you the ability to mess around with some hidden settings, my favorite of which are the cheat settings although they only work on personal servers and usually have to be specifically turned on.

    With the console open, type the following command: Bind “mwheeldown” “+jump”

    How To Bhop in CS
    How To Bhop in CS

    That’s it, your jumping should now be bound to your middle mouse button, that’s how to bhop in CSGO. Although not all gaming mice have a middle mouse button. Having the best mouse for CS:GO can help with your bunny hopping along with your aiming and shooting.


    Like with most life skills this will take some time and practice to get used to. A good way to practice and make sure that you are actually moving faster is to again open up your developer console (just press the “~” button again) and then type this command:

    Cl_showpos 1

    This command will bring up statistics about your game similar to your FPS (frames per second) counter. The only difference is that this command shows information like your current position, rotation, and more importantly, your velocity. In case you were unclear, velocity has to do with how quickly you move, and since we want to see how quickly we can move, we want to know our velocity. You might want to start off by first running around with your knife out, that way you can get a base line for how fast you can move before you start bunny hopping, that way you can know for certain if your bunny hopping skills are improving or if you are just flopping around like a fish.


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