How To Choose Headphones That Work On Many Devices

    How To Choose Headphones That Work On Many Devices
    How To Choose Headphones That Work On Many Devices

    Headphones are a personal thing and it will completely depend on the kind of sound you like and the kind of fit you like them to have. Do you like listening to music up at full volume or hate it when you can hear a conversation over your dance tunes? Do you love the hugging sensation of cans sitting comfortably on the top of your head, or ear pods nestled neatly in your ear snug tight? 

    There are more questions than you may think when it comes to choosing your next pair of headphones and here we are going to take a look at a few of those questions, in particular, to ensure they work on many devices, said John O. from assignment helper.


    Let’s address the question in the title first, how can you get your headphones to work on many devices? The audio pros from suggest that you are going to need to look at the devices you use and whether you are going to want to use your headphones for all of them.

    Maybe you listen to music from your phone but like watching films on the train using your iPad, maybe you teach English in the evening on your computer and need to block out the sound of your partner cooking dinner. 

    Think about what you’re going to use them for and look at the connections each device needs. New iPhones need a lighting connection or a Bluetooth connection, so if you want headphones that don’t come with the phone it’s probably best to be looking at some Bluetooth headphones.

    If every device you own has a quarter-inch jack cable attachment and you don’t want to spend too much money then you can opt for something a little cheaper. 

    Shape & Size 

    This is more important than you might think. Each and every one of us has different ears, they aren’t all exactly the same, so there are a lot of choices regarding the size and shape of your headphones. Cans, or overhead headphones, sit on the top of your head and fall down either side of your ears allowing a cushioned pad to rest comfortably on the outside of your ears. 

    How To Choose Headphones That Work On Many Devices
    How To Choose Headphones That Work On Many Devices

    Pods, or in-ears, sit directly in your ear and play through smaller speakers on the inside. This is very much a question of what is more comfortable for you? Do you like having big chunky headphones on the outside or do you prefer the sleek design of them sitting in your ears? Both cans and in-ears are available in Bluetooth and quarter-inch jack connections so it doesn’t matter which is your favorite, they will be great for all devices. 

    Sound Quality 

    Most people won’t take a second thought over the sound quality of their headphones. Usually, people just want something quick and simple they can shove in their ear and listen to a quick bit of music. There are, however, a select group of music lovers that really pay attention to the decibel quality of what’s going in their ears.

    Most professional audio shops will be able to talk you through everything you need to know about the sound quality. But always give them a go first before deciding to buy anything, that way you can see what the bass and treble are like and see if they fit nicely. 


    When it comes to the price of headphones then it’s going to depend on the quality and design of your chosen headphones. If you’ve chosen a well-known brand then they’re more than likely going to be expensive. 

    However, within brands, there will be a price scale that will lower down or gain up to however much money you want to spend. If you decide that you want the highest quality headphones money can buy then you’ll be looking in the thousands, whereas if you aren’t that bothered you can pick up a pair of headphones for £5. 

    Read Reviews 

    Something that’s important to do when choosing your new pair of headphones is to look at some reviews to see how others get on with them. You might think you have the best pair in the world, but you might not know they break easily and won’t last more than 6 months.

    The best feedback is customer feedback so always have a look at what others have to say before investing any kind of money (I wouldn’t worry if you’re going to spend £5, more on the expensive ones). Ask the sales team what they think and look online for real life, objective reviews. 

    It’s always exciting getting new headphones especially if they’re good. Don’t waste your money on things you aren’t going to use, get a pair that will work with all your devices, and make sure you like the look of them. There’s no point in buying something you’ll never wear. 


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