How to Delete Epic Games Account?| Get Expert Help 


Epic Games is an American Video game developer company whose most well-known games include Unreal Engine and Fortnite. Deleting the Fortnite gaming account, however, is a tricky thing to do because this game does not have an accounting system that has its same name. Fortnite is associated with the Epic Games system in regards to all the works related to games. People who play Fortnite have Epic Games Account.

How to Delete Epic Games Account?| Get Expert Help 

Epic Games system is used for saving games, interacting between the platforms, and many other things. Epic Games Account is used for all the buying of online titles and downloading them. However, it is effortless to delete Epic games accounts. In this whole article, we are going to give a brief outline of how to delete an epic games account.

Let’s Hear How to Delete Epic Games Account

If someone wants to stop playing the game, they can simply uninstall the game from the device they are playing it on. In the past, if someone wants to delete a Fortnite account, they have to send an Email to the company asking them to delete the data and login account and other information like that. Nowadays, Epic Games system can be removed without all the hassle one had to endure before.

To delete an Epic Games Account, one needs to know the specific part of how to delete your Epic Games Account. There are different methods on how to delete an Epic Games Account.

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Remove Your Account Through – Email

The player can delete their Epic Games Account through Email letters, although that method is not practiced widely. This is for those people who do not want to remove their Epic Games Account through Email letters. To delete the Epic Games Account, one first needs to go to their Gmail account and then need to open the epic games launcher app extension. 

Then, the title of the email should be something like a request to remove my Epic Games Account. Then comes typing the message part, which includes giving the reasons for deleting the Epic Games Account. The player has to explicitly say that they want to delete the account and then name the reasons for the decision. 

Then the player has to send the letter. Then the player has to wait for a response from the customer care service of Epic Games.

Remove Account from Android Devices

Another technique is more popular, and it can be done even though the player does not possess a personal computer or a laptop. For that reason, the player can delete the Epic Games Account from their mobile phone like iPhone or Android mobile phone set. 

  1. At first, the player needs to access the Help section of the game and then get to the Epic Games Support option. The player needs to tap on that option. The epic launcher will automatically open the page, which will have all the important and popular questions and all the answers to those questions. 
  2. After scrolling the page, the player will find an option that says ‘contact us.’ The players need to get in touch with the Epic Games customer support, and they will get there by tapping on this option. 
  3. Then, the player will be given an application form that the player will need to fill out so that they can start the process of deleting the Epic Games Account.
  4. After the player completes filling the application form, they will need to press the button that says ‘submit ‘. Their application will be submitted. 
  5. After the submission of the application form, the player needs to press on the button that says ‘Epic Accounts.’ Then, they will need to select a language and the device they are using like the Android mobile set or iPhone. The players may or may not specify their names. 
  6. Then, the player will need to specify their email address, then will come the part when the player needs to select ‘Delete Epic Games Account’ in the following inquiry sections. Then, in the end, the player needs to write the issue. 
  7. At the very end, the player will submit the request by tapping on the button that says ‘submit ‘. The player will receive a message that will inform them that their message has been received.  
  8. Then, the player will be directed to the FAQ section. In this section, the player will get to see a notification that will inform them that the Epic Games customer support has received their message. 

Some Drawbacks of Deleting Epic Games Account 

Before you delete your gaming account, you must keep it in mind that removing your Epic Games account is permanent. You can not restore it or buy it using the same credentials. If you simply need a pause, stop using your Epic Games account and log in again when you want to play. 


Nowadays, the deletion of these kinds of information is not hard anymore. The player needs to have the email address that they provided to the official Epic Games website and also the password to delete it. So, that’s it guys hope now you do not have “how to delete my epic games account?” this question in your mind.

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