How To Escape Prison In Bitlife (August 2023)

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Bitlife is a portable electronic device that delivers all the real world has to offer. You can achieve anything in the game, from becoming a YouTube star to getting your ranch. If you decide to stray off course and commit crimes en masse, the game also includes jails.

There are jails with high, medium, and low levels of security in Bitlife. You will serve time in prison based on the crime you commit. Both of these jails are unpleasant, so you’ll surely want to get out. Thus, escaping from prison is a difficult endeavor. How To Escape Prison In Bitlife?

You are playing checkers with one security guard, who will move twice for each move you make. He won’t just move twice in any direction; rather, He will go that way toward you, starting horizontally. If the guard succeeds to catch you, your punishment for attempting to escape will be increased by several years.

In BitLife, you must restrict the security guard’s movement by blocking him in the walls of the maze. This will allow you to escape from prison. He might be held captive in one of the Bitlife jail’s three-sided boxes, and you could travel quickly in the direction of the escape.

Tips For Escaping Prison In BitLife

There is one security guard on the checkerboard along with the ways of direction by attempting the escape. The security guard will make moves toward you and you will have to use your map layout feature. There is one security guard on the checkerboard with the two other moves that you will make.

There are guide features for every prison layout and you will be using them against the game. We have got cheat sheet maps for all kinds of prison layouts alongside the game. The guards in the prison always move horizontally in the beginning, so you will have to map your way accordingly.

The trick is to block the security of the guards in the side of the walls by restricting the movement and escape from the prison in the Bit life. There are 3 sided boxes in the Bitlife jail thus making it highly recommended to use them easily towards the escape.

There are a few maximum and minimum prison map solutions that are used for escaping in Birdlife. Three kinds of maps are used in the bit life prison matters. Each map differs in its size and features along with the complexity of the game leading to nooks and walls.

Security Map Features & Prison Layout Prints

Arrow: Shows the direction for traveling at the point of the line
Star: The starting point

1. Maximum Security Map Solution

The maximum security jail is considered a tough nut and is used to escape from the Birdlife. Users will end up in a maximum security prison only if they have to commit some serious crimes similar to murder or any attempted murder. Maximum Security Maps-8X8,8X7

2. Medium Security Map Solution

This is far easier to beat the prison jail compared to the maximum and minimum ways of map solution. There are multiple challenges in the stages to clear the level for hours.

But if you are wise enough you will surely be able to find out the right path and then detect how to use it to escape from jail. Medium Security Map- 5X4, 5X5, 5X6, 5X7,6X5, 6X6, 7X4

3. Minimum Security Map Solution

In this map solution, the prisoner will move ahead twice for every move the guard makes.

You will have to try walking horizontally first so that you do not get caught. You will have the spot with the green color and the police in blue uniform. Minimum Security Maps- 3X5, 4X4, 3X4

Minimum And Medium Security Prison Maps (In August)

1. 3×4 Prison Map

2. 3×5 Prison Map

3. 4×4  Prison Map

4. 4×4 Prison Map 2

5. 4×4 Prison Map 3

6. 5×4 Prison Map

7. 5×5 Prison Map

8. 5×6 Prison Map

9. 5×7 Prison Map

10. 5×7 Prison Map 2

11. 6×5 Prison Map

12. 6×6 Prison Map

13. 6×6 Prison Map 2

14. 7×4 Prison Map

Maximum Security Prison Maps in Bitlife

A maximum security prison in BitLife is a very secure jail intended to accommodate dangerous and high-risk inmates. For utmost security prisons, the game does not offer any unique maps. Instead, when their characters commit significant crimes and receive extended prison sentences, players may confront maximum security prison scenarios. The game does not visually depict the details or layout of the prison.

1. 8×7 Prison Map Layout

2. 8×8 Prison  Map Layout

3. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

4. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

5. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

6. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife

7. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

8. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife

9. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife

Escaping Prison In BitLife

There should be a net worth value of around $25,0000 and you must avoid going to prison under any circumstances. Thus you will be taking extra care of this matter. And, the next criterion is that you will have to live at least 65. Hence you will avoid getting the addictions and then get to rehab to get rid of them in all their forms.

Get the good karma done so that you never have to see the face of jail or prison. And, then you should not abandon any type or category of pets at any point in your game. Once you can get these cleared properly, you will be able to get every BitLife Prison Ribbon with grace.

The BitLife Prison Ribbons are awarded based on the character in the lifetime. And, in several different actions, you will have to perform the right impact of life-like activities.

  • Jailbird Ribbon
  • Houdini Ribbon

How Many Riots Does It Take To Escape Prisons In BitLife?

There is no predetermined amount of riots required to leave prison in BitLife. Riots can generate opportunities for convicts to escape by producing confusion and distracting the guards. Yet, escaping prison is not just about causing a disturbance. It also involves careful planning, building up physical and mental strength, recruiting allies, obtaining tools, and waiting for the appropriate moment to execute the escape plan. Riots can be a beneficial aspect in providing a distraction, but they are not the only option. It ultimately depends on the individual player’s strategy and ability to execute their plan.

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