How to Fix The Fatal Javascript Error On Discord?

How to Fix The Fatal Javascript Error On Discord?
How to Fix The Fatal Javascript Error On Discord?

Launching the Discord but then suddenly a message saying “discord fatal javascript error” popped up on your screen, right? What’s this error and Why does it occur? All of the questions must be confusing you even more and you must be eager to get the solution. Let us first make it clear that you are not alone with Discord Javascript Error, even though this is now common for discord users. the community forums are filled with statements like “a Fatal Javascript Error Occurred. Error: EPERM: Operation Not Permitted.”  by many discord users.

So, why to delay, let’s keep reading! This good read will surely fix up the issues within a few minutes. Let’s jump in the blue of guide and have a look at the most asked question- 

How To Fix The Fatal Javascript Error On Discord?

Well, with the question in your mind- Why won’t my discord open? You must be curious about its cause first. So here we go!

Causes for such error to occur

How to Fix The Fatal Javascript Error On Discord?
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  • Some Corrupted Discord Files.
  • Antivirus Software In Your Device Which Blocks The Application.
  • Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service improper working on Startup.

Whatever the reason for this error you get, you can now choose the solution you need from the best solution list that is  proved to be the most effective ones with maximum success rate  in fixing Fatal JavaScript Error.

So, lets step ahead towards solutions!


  • Solution 1 – Delete All Temporary Discord Files-  

Similar to other software Discord also is designed to save some temporary data on your device to have effective working. 

But it’s been observed that sometimes, these temporarily stored files anyhow get corrupted and cause such errors. Here there comes the need to delete all such corrupt files to fix it out. 

Note- You can delete these files from your Task Manager. 

  • Solution 2 – Allow Antivirus Exception Before Adding Discord- 

As we know that certain Antivirus Apps are enabled with an advanced feature to know and specify whether to lock specific Discord installation files during the install process or not.

In case if it gets blocked by the antivirus then the results are due to Discord, no longer being able to access the files to complete the process. Thus, it gives the Fatal Javascript Error message before any further action.

To fix this issue make sure you add your Discord software to your device Antivirus exception list and also check back if it’s added or not.  

Note- To have a complete guideline regarding how to add your Discord software to Antivirus exceptions go through the antivirus documentation provided during installation. 

How to Fix The Fatal Javascript Error On Discord?
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  • Solution 3 – qWAVE Service Startup Type to be Edited- 

Many users face Discord Javascript Error on Startup and it happens due to the qWAVE Service. This issue can be simply managed or fixed by editing the startup type. 

qWAVE simply refers to the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service and editing its type during startup can fix things easily.

To help you out, here are steps for this Type edit- 

  1. First, press windows+r keys that will launch the run dialogue box for a search. 
  1. Now, search for “services.msc” and press enter.
  1. When the service window opens, look for the quality windows audio video experience service and simply right-click on it. 
  1. And now, choose the properties menu.
  1. In case you found the service status is clearly showing started, then the only thing you have to do here is to simply turn it to stop.
  1. Yes, we know you don’t have to stop it. So, click on the start button again, it’s for the type change. 
  1. Check if your startup type is automatic or not, if not then choose the automatic option from the drop-down menu. 
  1. Lastly, Press OK and save all changes. 

Note- restart your computer and check back of the error, in case it is not fixed then move to the next solution. 

How to Fix The Fatal Javascript Error On Discord?
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  • Solution 4. Reinstall Discord- 

If the above three fixes fail and the Discord update not working for you then go for this solution. This will most probably fix this JavaScript error. 

As this takes a bit more time and a high chance of losing some temporarily stored data, so we recommend it at the last. 


To conclude, we can say that Javascript Error is not all about coding and tricky, rather fixing is easy! We hope our list of well researched methods and highly recommended solutions solve the issue.


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