How to Gamble Responsibly in Australia


Description:This article will give basic tips and strategies to help you win as much money as possible in online casino slots.

Playing Slots

The most popular and accessible pastime in all casinos, both land and online, is slots. The main reasons for this are the simple conditions of the game and the high chances of winning. Professionals and beginners are always on the lookout for new strategies and tips. In this type of gambling, there are not many working strategies. The following strategies can only help you win more, not you, but the random number generator.  Some of them are quite effective. But do not trust just the tips listed below. 

When you first see the slots, pay attention to all the rules of the game. Before you start using real money, it is worth trying out the demo version. This is a feature which allows you to play with virtual money given by the casino. You can try the necessary strategies and fully understand the terms of the game. 

The functioning of the Slot Machines

As stated, all slots use a random number generator. All you do is start the game and wait for the reels to stop and give you a certain combination. All the processes are completely random. They cannot be influenced by anyone, not even the casino operator. 

It is impossible to win a lot on a regular basis. However, it does not mean that you cannot win more than you invest in the process.

Advice by Professional Gamblers

All of the tips below were gleaned from players who have been playing the slots regularly for years. They can really make a difference to your bankroll, and help you multiply it several times over. 

Avoid Progressive Jackpots

This is the type of game where the winnings are really big. However, this very fact tells you that it is not that easy to win. Since progressive jackpots tend to give you huge winnings, you can’t even win every 5 games. It takes hundreds of sessions to reach the required amount. 

It’s much more profitable for regular players to use classic slot machines, where they can win at least every game. 

But if you set yourself a goal of winning a million dollars. Then pay attention to the progressive slots. 

Play Slowly

Do not be in a hurry and do a few spins in a row. In fact, the machines are actually able to do 600 spins in an hour. But such a game will not result in winning. In such a case, the casino’s winnings will be considerably higher. Take a break and rest between sessions. Start a new game and a new strategy with replenished strength. 

Play for fun

Remember that gambling is always a game which cannot make a 100 percent profit. Playing for money is not a good idea. You have to remember that the casino always has an advantage over the players. It always stays in the black. So, to avoid any unexpected losses later on, it’s worth being aware of this right away. Realizing that fact will lead to big winnings in the future, which you might not expect.  

Join a VIP Club

The loyalty program, which is in all good online casinos entitles you to exclusive bonuses. She everywhere has different conditions. For example, in the popular casino Uptown Pokies Australia has a unique program. It consists of 4 levels, each of which has a different amount of gifts. Each player can receive bonus points, instant cashback, weekend cashback, weekly bonus and daily gift. 

Use free money

Only gamble with money you do not need to live on. Playing for money that is last or necessities will lead to the fact that if you lose, you may end up losing. That in case of losing you will try to win them back. As has been shown in practice such an approach only increases the chances of losing. Players do not win back that kind of money, and only lose even more. 

Study the Characteristics of the Machine

Each slot has its own particular features. They all depend on the provider who supplies them.Operators have no influence over them. An important prerequisite is choosing slots with a high percentage of returns. This figure in online casinos exceeds the same in offline institutions .

Strategies for Playing

When reading this article, it is worth remembering that there is no perfect strategy for playing slots. Each gambler tries different conditions and decides which one of them is the most winning for him.


You can say that this is the most famous strategy in the slots. Only one line should be used. Its essence is that after each loss the bet should be increased by 2 times. Thus it is possible to cover the costs of the previous game. It is necessary to comply with these conditions until the first win. Then you should null the bet and start all over again. 


Known as anti-martingale.

Here you should increase your bet only if the previous bet was successful. In case your bet is not successful, do not do anything with increasing the amount. 


The strategy is suitable for old classic slots, in which you can find several winning slots in a row. After each win, increase the bet several times. It is usually recommended to increase by 5 times or more. In a session with a high number of losses, do not use large bets. 


The game is played on a single line. The strategy is characterized as complete chaos. The main reason for this is different bets to achieve victory. It all depends on your opinion and the feeling of approaching a winning game. 

This approach is rarely used, as there is no concentration or certainty. It’s all down to your luck.


Increasing and decreasing the bet depends on how many spins have been made. 

In order to increase the bet amount you need to make 5 spins and not less. Only after that increase the amount by 2 times. Initially, decide on the maximum bet, which will be the final bet in the games session. 

Platform for Playing Slots

There are a large number of gaming platforms in Australia. But not all of them can offer generous playing conditions and attractive offers. 

Uptownpokies casino is a well-known platform that was founded in 2017. During the work the operators were able to study all the needs of gamblers and make the game as comfortable as possible for them.

The platform is licensed by Curacao, which guarantees the legality of the gaming process. It uses ssl encryption to protect personal data and transaction information. Which no one has yet been able to hack. 

Mostly on the site you will find slots that are presented in different categories. You can choose from table games, video players, special games and progressives. For a more comfortable choice, there is a filter that divides the game according to the number of reels , the presence of bonus rounds and floating characters. 

Uptown pokies partners with only one software provider that is renowned worldwide – real time gaming. It provides more games in excellent quality with great graphics and music. 

You can use the demo mode to try out the games without spending any real money.

Play and make money with the best platform in Australia!

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