Fallout 4: Try The Best Guide To Get More Settlers

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Players have been busy with Fallout 4 since its release. The popularity for the game has been unprecedented and it has remained true to the expectations that preceded its debut. We have given here the guide to get more than 20 settlers with the Charisma Level of 6.

If the gamers are thinking of creating companion relationships, then thanks to Gameranx which has given us an easy guide on how to do it.

Fallout 4 allows the players to build relationships with their companions. Note that each of such companions comes along with their own perk that can be unlocked once the game reaches “maximum affinity”.

Fallout 4: Recruit Settlers

how to get more settlers fallout 4
Recruit Settlers
  1. Set up a tiny settlement that functions as a recruitment center for the real settlement. There are more folk than needed until then.
  2. Get the things that give charisma bonuses.
  3. Adjust folk to the real settlement.
  4. Take grape mentats, which will boost charisma.
  5. Keep moving folk to the real settlement until the game stops the player.

Recruitment Radio Beacon:

This will be your bread and butter for the game. You must have a generator, a power pylon connector and a recruitment beacon.

Fallout 4: Increase Settlement Population

Settlements in Fallout 4 can only thrive if you have enough settlers in them to do all your tasks. Getting more settlers will take time. However, you can speed it up with a few tricks.


The more food you take, the more people you can hav. Plant food will not be enough. You need to assign a worker to the food so it can be counted as a resource in your workshop menu. To assign a worker, hit the menu and click on the settler. This will make it so you are commanding him and can use him.

Fallout 4: Move Settlers


A bed per head is the motto. If you have 8 settlers, you need 8 beds. It is always best to have extra for new ones.

Fallout 4: Population Limit

Fallout 4: Population Limit


Making sure you have enough water is the next key. Try to keep it like one person and generally go a bit overboard so I can stay away for a while if new comes. A water pump doesn’t require to be manned by a settler and it is easy.

Fallout 4: Settlement Map

With the new Far Harbor DLC in the game, a player will gain access to more shipments of materials. You need a map to find vendors in order to what other players are having.

Aluminum in the game is used to upgrade and repair all types of Power Armor at your base. You fastly blow via it after a couple of upgrades and a few repairs. This guide will let you know where to search Infinite Amounts of Aluminium for your settlement in Fallout 4.

Islander’s Almanac Location:

Fallout 4 Far Harbor has five Islander’s Almanacs to search in the new DLC locations. These things five you various buffs and recipes that you can only find in the Far Harbor DLC. Return and check out this Fallout 4 Far Harbor Islander’s Almanac Location Guide to help you find all the things.

Weapon Location Guide:

Te game brings some new special weapons to the table. They are hidden via the Far Harbor area and searching them can be tactful. During your game you can run into a quest named Vision in the fog. It can be a little bit tactful to finish if you do’nt know the map.

Fallout 4: Home Plate

Fallout 4: Home Plate
Fallout 4: Home Plate

The settlers in Fallout 4: Home Plate will just not work with home plate. Even common or general setters/companions will sometimes have trouble walking to home plate, because it is not really designed as a settlement.

Fallout 4: Settlement Defense

This is not always required to get more settlers. However, it will help keep your settlers alive. Every second your camp will be raided as well as you can visit to defend it. Placing turrets, traps, and guard posts will gain the defense of a settlement and increase the odds of your settlers surviving.

You can assign a settler to work at a guard post to increase defenses with that.

How To Get More Settlers In Fallout 4 Reddit?

Some settlements don’t attract that many settlers, set up a recruitment beacon at another settlement and send those settlers to the castle.

How To Get More Settlers In The Sanctuary?

Each settlement has a default max population of 10 settlers plus each point of Charisma the character has, which has a base max of 22 before factoring in extra charisma from armor and consumables.

Fortunately, there are mods like Homemaker, Kamuro Neon, Functional Displays, Scrap Everything, etc. such mod will increase the number of settlers in the game Fallout 4.

Fallout 4: Increase Settler Limit

Fallout 4: Increase Settler Limit
Fallout 4: Increase Settler Limit

Console command to limit increase settler limit in the game Fallout 4. Setav charisma X. just replace <amount> with however many you want.

Fallout 4: Settlement Happiness

Happiness is a metric of how content settlers are with a settlement in the game. Reaching 100% happiness in any settlement will get you a reward the Benevolent Leader achievement or trophy.

Bonus happiness is divided among each of them at the settlement that gives it. Bonus happiness of 10 at a settlement with a population of 5 will increase the happiness of each by 2.


How Do I Get 30 Settlers In Fallout 4?

You can have more settlers by following the below steps.

  1. Set up a small settlement that functions as a recruitment center for the actual settlement.
  2. Equip items that give charisma bonuses.
  3. Move people to the actual settlement.
  4. Take grape mentats, which will boost charisma.
  5. Keep moving people to the actual settlement until the game stops you.

Is There A Mod To Get More Settlers In Fallout 4?

Players that want to make their settlement truly unique should consider installing Homemaker- Expanded Settlements by Novacoru. This mod adds over 1,000 additional craftable objects to the settlement systems, most of which are assets from the vanilla game.

Is There A Max Amount Of Setters In Fallout 4?

Max amount of setters in fallout 4 can be 2 as it is possible to get a special over 10, with charisma at 11, which would make it possible to have 21 settlers with the same amount if beds, food, water, and defense.

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