Learn how to hold your breath in PUBG

Learn how to hold your breath in PUBG
Learn how to hold your breath in PUBG

Playing a game is not easy, be it sudoku, call of duty, or PUBG. Playing any kind of game requires much more brainpower and stealth and a steady hand because you need to master them first to get your desired result. In sudoku, you need to hon your smartness so that you can count your way in, how to hold your breath in PUBG.

But to win PUBG or call of duty, you will need stealthy hands and some effective tricks up your sleeves to win them. One of the toughest methods in PUBG is to maintain your shots if you are trying to shoot someone from a long-range. The factor that contributes to carrying out a long-range shot is holding your breath.

No, we don’t mean you have to hold your breath while shooting. The character in the game has to hold his or her breath in order to have a more stealthy hand while shooting. There is a different function dedicated to this. In this article, we will tell you all about it and how to carry it out perfectly.

What are the key factors that you need to understand in order to make a long-range shot?

Learn how to hold your breath in PUBG
Learn how to hold your breath in PUBG

There are many factors that concern the long-range shot. It has to be perfectly carried out maintaining such techniques that could either increase your kill rate per match or not. It could become different between killing or being killed so you have to make the most of it.

  • The gun: The most important thing while carrying out a long-range shot is the gun you are carrying. You cannot really carry out a long-range shot with UMP, UZI, AKM, or M146. You need a sniper to get that task done. One of the most important and popular snipers that everyone looks for and can help pierce a level 2 or level 3  helmet easily is written below.
  • AMW: It is the best sniper that there is. The gun is usually found in a drop-in. The drop-in contains 20 rounds for one gun. The gun can pierce a level 3 helmet easily and can kill a person in one single shot.
  • Kar-98: After AMW, comes kar-98. It takes the bullet of 7.62 and can pierce the level 3 helmet. But you have to shoot either two or three times. The gun is easily found in the hotspot areas on the map.
  • M24: It is another sniper that is best. It also contains 7.62 bullets. It is the same as that of kar-98. It can be found in many layouts. It can pierce a level three helmet and the accuracy is spot on.
  • Scope: One of the main things you need to make sure of the accuracy of the shot you are taking is by scope. From 2× scope to 15×scope is available in the game which makes it very easy to target a person in the game. The more the number, the better you can watch and shoot.
  • Stealth: Apart from the gun and the scope, you will need your stealth to really carry out a long-range shot. In order to make it a success, you will need to shoot while maintaining your breath and health. Many players don’t know the feature that allows the player to maintain their steadiness and stealth while shooting a long-range shot. The technique of PUBG holding breath will be shared here.

How to hold the breath in pubg while shooting?

In order to carry out a perfect shot where you can secure at least one shot while keeping yourself in a safe distance is very important. You can only do it if you are calm and the character of the game is calm too.

The layout of the game is made in a way that even in the game the person gets tired. Maintaining the breathing pattern in the game is very important while shooting. Many don’t know about this technique but it can be easily done by following the method.

In PC:

If you are playing the game on your PC then you can do it without breaking a sweat. Many times we don’t get the scope of our desires. If you are trying to aim without the scope then the chances are that your creating will be controlled. However, if the gun has a scope attached to it then it will get tough to handle it. In that case, you have to maintain your breath while making an aim on the person.

When you aim, you have to press the [Shift] key so that you can hold your breath. By doing so, you can retain a minimum amount of shaking. You have to keep checking the indicator of your lungs. If you keep holding your breath for too long then you will only lose health points.

An alternative way to PUBG holds breath:

You can hold the breath easily if you just maintain these three steps.

  • Run toward the person that you are trying to aim at.
  • When you run towards him, with or without the scope, make sure that your hand is straight pointing to the person.
  • Now when you are about to shoot, press the shift key on the keyboard to help with maintaining the breath.

You will not only maintain the shot and the integrity of the kill but it will be clear and you will become a pro.


Learn how to hold your breath in PUBG
Learn how to hold your breath in PUBG

Another way to maintain your breathing while shooting a person or making a long-range shot is by maintaining your ADM. ADM means aim down sight.

When you are about to shoot someone, you just have to press the left shift and you have to keep holding it. Make sure that you check the lungs icon because if it gets red then it could be problematic for you as it will decrease your health.

Accessing ADM through mouse:

Another way to maintain your breathing through ADM is by taking control of a mouse. You can easily do it without going to the keyboard.

All you have to do is use the mouse buttons. You have to hit the Right Mouse Button while maintaining the aim downwards to your weapon. Again you have to maintain your health point so as not to reduce it to zero.

In Xbox:

When you shift playing PING on Xbox from PC, there are certain things that you have to set. To maintain a stealthy mode while carrying out a long-range shot, you have to set everything in sequence. You have to first adjust the zeroing of the mode.

  • You have to aim down the LT.
  • Then you have to press the up or down placed on the D-pad of the console so that you can zero the distance.After the zeroing sequence, you have to adjust the scope
  • You have to attach the scope to the gun
  • Now you have to click the RB button while maintaining the ADS, mainly LT.
  • Now you have to click up and down to adjust the sequence.
  • Now in order to hold your breath, you have to do the following.
  • At first, you have to aim down the sights.
  • Then you have to click on LB.

If you follow each of the methods perfectly in this sequencer so that you can kill the person you intend to perfectly.

Few tips to help you while playing PUBG:

Here are a few tips that will help you land a chicken dinner easily with maximum kills.

  • One underrated part of PUBG is the audio. Things like footsteps are quiet and hard to hear, but they can be big clues in giving away both your and your enemies’ position. We recommend selecting the best headset for PUBG to ensure you can hear these low sounds more clearly to give you an advantage. In terms of gameplay, we recommend a lot of practice but there are a few things, in particular, to keep in mind.
  • You have to always stay in the zone.
  • If you are out of the zone then make sure that you use health kits and drink juices and take pills to increase your HP.
  • Stay hidden.
  • Do not always seek the super crates. Chances are there will be many people hovering around.
  • You have to sneak into the zone and kill the person. Don’t walk towards their crate to make loot.


Learn how to hold your breath in PUBGDiscussion
What are the key factors that you need to understand in order to make a long-range shot?Stealth, the gun, and the breathing process are the key to make a long-distance range.
How to hold the breath in pubg while shooting?There are various ways to execute such a task. Read the article to know all about it.
Few tips to help you while playing PUBGThere are many tricks and tips mentioned in the article that will surely help you win. Read to know.

Even the small details in the game could help you win the round. PUBG is exactly the same. When you are playing a game, you have to maintain your posture, hone your skills, and use your brain a little so that you can kill the enemy without losing your health point. Tricks like holding your breath are very important to establish that.

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