How to Improve Your Posture While Working in Office

    How to Improve Your Posture While Working in Office
    How to Improve Your Posture While Working in Office

    In this day and age, your job likely involves you sitting at a desk for hours at a time. While this is a better alternative to some manual labor jobs, it can wreak havoc on our spine and potentially cause back and/or neck problems.

    Improving your posture can be done through some smart, simple, and ergonomic ways. Improving your posture can help prevent any back or neck pain or mitigate the level of pain if you have already experienced it. Here are some helpful ways you can improve your posture while working in an office. 

    Get up Regularly

    Staying in a seated position for extended periods of time can cause wear-and-tear on your spinal discs. To avoid this, stand up and stretch or even take a short walk — just a few strides —  in your office to relieve the stress on your spine. If you often get immersed in your work and forget to take these breaks, set a reminder. Try to stand and stretch for thirty seconds to a minute every hour or ninety minutes. 

    Stop Slouching

    Usually, people slouch while sitting. Slouching is a misalignment of your spine and extended periods in this position can be detrimental to your health. Try to keep your back straight and shoulder back. To help with this, make sure your desk is high enough that you do not have to lean forward to get work done.

    Slouching can also be remedied by using a comfortable chair that offers good lumbar support. While office chairs are continuously being redesigned to help people get better posture, using a gaming chair is actually superior. Gamers spend many hours in a seated position and their chairs use some excellent design features.

    Using a chair from one of the most well-known gaming chair brands is bound to offer you more comfort and added back support. You’ll find that since gamers and people who sit at work all day have long hours in common, using gaming chairs will actually be extremely comfortable and beneficial to keeping your posture intact while you work. 

    Adjust Your Computer Monitor Level

    You can easily strain your neck if your workstation is set up poorly. Many office workers experience neck pain from staring at their computer monitor too long. The issue is with the level of the monitor relative to your eyes. Oftentimes it is lower than your eye level, forcing you to bend your neck downwards. To remedy this, simply keep your monitor at eye level

    Avoid Hip Misalignment

    You can experience hip or lower back pain due to poor posture. When seated at your desk you should not cross your legs or ankles. This can in some situations, minimally, limit blood flow to your feet. It can also cause hip misalignment, resulting in pain.

    Try to keep your legs in a 90-degree position, bent at the knees. You can stand or straighten your legs regularly to stretch them out and stimulate blood flow. 

    How to Improve Your Posture While Working in Office
    How to Improve Your Posture While Working in Office

    Take Note of Any Pain

    If at any moment you notice pain in your back or neck, stand, stretch, and rest. Keep note of any pain in its early stages to understand where the pain stems from and learn how to remedy it. Oftentimes minor pains go untreated and neglected.

    This is poor practice as it allows the issue to continue developing and it can become more severe. If you cannot trace the source of the pain and it remains constant, consult your doctor to see if you have any underlying conditions.


    While it may sound crazy, you can practice some exercise while sitting at your desk to improve your overall posture. For example, raise your arms straight in the air and keep your elbows straight. Then lock your fingers together and then slowly bend from side to side. You can also straighten one leg at a time and point the toes of the straightened leg forward and then bring them back. Repeat these actions often with both legs, one at a time. 

    While often neglected, your posture is very important in preventing back or neck pain. Our bodies were not evolutionarily designed to be seated at a desk for a third of our day, five days a week. Don’t neglect your posture and set up your workplace in a fashion that helps you maintain a healthy seated position.

    Regular breaks are excellent when you have neglected good posture. And with all of this in mind, invest in the right chair. Gaming chairs can force you to maintain good posture even without actively trying. It may seem odd at first to have a gaming chair in the office, but your back, neck, and overall spinal health will be better off with it. 


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