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How to Improve Your Rank in Valiant

How to Improve Your Rank in Valiant
How to Improve Your Rank in Valiant

In this guide, we will see some tips that you need to know to improve your Rank in Valorant. You can surely enhance your Rank in valorant if you follow these steps. 

Picking a role

The first tip you need to know to improve your Rank is that you need to pick a role. Make sure to learn every agent in that role – lots of players will usually choose an agent that they like and think nothing more of it. The main issue here, though, is that each agent has specific abilities, which are meant for certain styles of play.

You have duos like Jett, Phoenix, Rays and Reyna who are meant to go in and grab the frags, and sentinels like Sage and Cypher, whose primary role is to play defensive and deny the enemy push. Next, you have controllers like Brimstone, Omen and Viper, whose primary purpose is to utilize their smokes to deny enemy vision or to take control of a site for a chokepoint. And lastly, you have initiators such as silver and breach, whose primary purpose is to utilize abilities to gather information, finds where the enemies are, and then from there, getting crowd control.

So, pick a role that suits you and then play two or three agents in that category. This is important, as well. If you only have one agent that you’re dead set on playing, you’ll run into issues when someone else interlocks your agent and then you have nothing else that you know how to play. So having two or three agents ensures that you can still play that same style and master at technique, but also giving you that freedom so that someone does steal your agent. You still have something else up your sleeve.

Fragging Out

You want to frag out, especially if you have the lower-ranked, performance matters a lot and it will determine how much evil you get with each game. If you’re in the lower ranks like iron, bronze, silver and even gold, you’re going to have to frag out if you want to rank. So let me unpack that at the lower ranks. You’re going to struggle to find teammates that you can communicate effectively with or at all. Sadly, your teammates will probably let you down more often than not. So the only way to win is to frag your way out of matches. Don’t focus too much on the team play if you’re in the lower ranks. That’ll come later. For now, focus on your individual mechanics and being one of the top fraggers in the match.

Playing Duelist

Your performance matters in this game, especially at the lower ranks. And because of this way, you want to do is pick agents such as Duelist. We got Phoenix, Reyna, Raze and Jett, and these agents will have abilities that can allow you to get as many kills as possible. For example, Raze abilities, I don’t need to talk too much about it. You press R, and then you go in and get a general idea where the enemies are and aim in that general spot, and you’ll get a kill.

Similarly, with Jett, you can use her ultimate again and add her abilities along for the ride so you can go all over the place on the map. You can outsmart the enemies and then again get some crazy kills and boost the ego. With each game outside the ultimate, we still have supplemental abilities such as Phoenix and Reyna are considered to be low tier agents, but in low-rank play, that’s not super relevant to us. The reason why I’d recommend both of them is that they’re both self-sustaining. Phoenix can heal with his wall, and his Molly and Reyna can overheal when she gets her kills.

For both of these agents, more survivability equals more kills, which equals more wins for you. They also both have their own flash. So you’re not left in the dark when it comes to those 1V1.

Playing the Most Important Areas of the Map

You want to learn every map and figure out the most critical areas that you need a contest on each map. Every map has a particular area that if you gain control of, you’ll gain a massive advantage in the game. Because of this, you want to play these areas of the map, both on the attacker side and the defender side to ensure that you are in control of the round. You get the most advanced for your team. And with that being said, let’s go over what P’s? Most important areas are for each map. Starting with Bind, “A” short is the area that you want to contest. It’s the main spot the enemies will push through or that you will attack through to get onto “A” site.

And along with that, there is a teleporter there. And if you lose control the teleporter, the enemy team can teleport over and rotate to “B” very quickly. And you’ll have to take a long rotation, and you’ll give up the map. Next map is split the main area to contests here is mid. This is because of all the rotational abilities you can do, and if you have mid control on the attacker side if you get mid, you can rotate into vents and go into “A” that way or you can go into haven and entropy “B” they can do a split push. If you have teammates and garage, on “B” or we go back to “A”, you can go in a ramp’s and then overwhelm the enemies from multiple different angles. This concept pretty much applies to every single map.

Communication and utilizing strategy

Now, I know we just said in an earlier tip that you need to focus on that individual play, you need to defrag out. You need to perform well to rank up. As you go higher and higher into the rankings, going up into platinum, diamond and immortal. You will need to work more on team play. You won’t be able to get those individual duels and just out aim everyone. Everyone’s going to be a lot better at this game at this point, they have better aim, they have better mechanics, they know what to do in certain situations, and as a result, those tricky, aggressive plays won’t work out anymore. So what you need to do now is rely on strategy and calling out for your team. If you see enemies, make sure that you’re calling it out so your team can rotate. And if you have a certain strategy in mind or a bombsite that you want to go into and take. Make sure that you’re calling that out to your team as well. So everyone is coordinated and know what’s going on.

Learning how to use the operator

The operator is such a good weapon, but it’s so underutilized, especially at the lower ranges, because I think people are just afraid to use it. It’s so good for getting an easy pick to get an advantage. With the operator, you’ll be able to gain a ton of control for your team, and then you’ll be able to push or attack a site easily. Either that or you’re forcing the enemy team had to rotate or reposition into awkward situations as a result of one of their players going down. Likewise, on the defensive side, it’s beneficial for controlling a choke point. All you have to do is scope in there, hold and then wait for the enemy to line up to your crosshair, and then you get a pretty good pick and then your spot is pretty much denied for the attacker side. And this will force them to have to try to push on another area. Having a good operator can completely turn the tide of a match.

Learning Phantom/Vandal

This one is crucial, as well. And it would be best if you learned how to use the Phantom or vandal. I see a lot of players that know they need to buy this gun, but they don’t know how to use it. I see a lot of people that spray and pray and only hope for the best. And that is not the way you want to use his weapon. Do you want to use it in a burst or tapping fashion? What this means is you want to eliminate the enemy within the first 10 bullets. With this, you’ll be able to control the recoil easy. All you need to do is have a proper crosshair placement and pull straight down with the mouse, and that will control the recoil, reasonably well.

If you go beyond the ten bullets, you’ll have to deal with RNG. And this is the randomness that can happen with the Phantom or vandal. Beyond these first 10 bullets, you’ll start to notice that space starts to swerve to the left and the right. And this is a randomized pattern. So if you spray beyond those 10 bullets, the pattern beyond that will be random every single time. So you can’t predict this. You can’t control it. So you want to rely on those first 10 bullets that are most accurate. So you have to practice on using that burst firing or doing the tapping to get the kills.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, if you feel as if you’ve mastered each of these areas of gameplay, but you feel like you could use an extra push, consider using a boosting service to improve your Valorant rank. This can be a great opportunity to reach your dream division without all the hassle and grinding.


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