How to Land Faster in Fortnite Battle Royale


Fortnite Battle Royale is a 3rd person shooting survival game available on many gaming platforms like android, PS, Xbox, etc.

The game begins with a “Battle Bus”, a container that spawns players in the play-zone. It’s critical to know that the earlier you drop on the play-zone, the safer place you’ll find, the better loot you’ll gather, and the more players you’ll be able to kill.

The game only explains how to deploy your parachute (Glider or Umbrella in-game) but doesn’t say when to do so to get the optimum result, and that’s why we’re here. The article will give you some useful tips on how to land faster in-game!

How to Land Faster in Fortnite Battle Royale
How to Land Faster in Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Skydive for as long as possible!
  1. There are two ways to reach your target location in the play-zone. Number 1: Sky-dive to it, and number 2: Deploy your parachute to glide slowly towards it. All Parachutes/Umbrellas/Gliders are basically the same, you can’t upgrade them to be speedier or anything.
  2. As you might’ve gauged till now, skydiving is the best method of the two, as it will make your descent faster and allow you to choose a safe spot for yourself!
  3. After jumping off the “Battle-Bus” begin skydiving toward your location. You must make the most of your dive time by pressing the down and forward button simultaneously and reaching your location; as the Glider deploys automatically once you’re close enough to the ground.
  • Don’t execute a straight drop!
How to Land Faster in Fortnite Battle Royale
How to Land Faster in Fortnite Battle Royale
  1. When you are an amateur in the game, you may want to jump off at the exact moment the “Battle Bus” hovers over your intended target area. However, your glider will deploy anyway when you are near the landing zone, and you will notice that gliding from there to the ground takes an excruciating amount of time. Gliding at an angle will help you reach your location faster!
  2. The most effective way to reduce the Glider’s slow descent is to move towards the location in an elevated way rather than dropping down directly. When your parachute opens, you should land somewhat faster by floating in diagonally towards the landing zone, at a roughly 45-degree angle from the target. This takes expertise, so keep trying and soon you’ll get a feel for how sharply you need to come into land early. 
  • Elevated areas should be avoided
  1. Buildings, high terrains, etc. are generally the places players find the best loot, resources, and weapons at. It might seem stupid, as people reason that since we’re approaching an elevated area, we’ll land faster, but that’s not the case!
  2. You will need to deploy your glider earlier if you intend to get to an elevated space or a high terrain, and while you’re slowly gliding towards the destination, another player may still be skydiving faster than you to the ground!
  3. High places make up for pretty good strategic locations, and we are not suggesting you don’t use them, just taking note of what will be the fastest way to land!


Hence, the essence of reaching the play-zone faster is using all the skydiving time you can and gliding at an angle towards your location. These will ensure that you get that extra loot before anyone else and secure the best spot to snipe your targets! These tips will make your descent time shorter and your game time happier! Happy Gaming!


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