How To Make A Water Elevator In Minecraft? (In 5 Steps)

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Want to add a cool and efficient transportation method to your Minecraft world? Try building a water elevator! First, dig a vertical shaft that’s two blocks wide and at least nine blocks tall. Then, place signs inside the shaft every three blocks to create water pockets.

Fill the shaft with water from the top down, covering all the signs. Now you’re ready to use your new water elevator to zoom up and down with ease. Happy building!

To know how to make a water elevator in Minecraft, read this full article because here I have explained the methods thoroughly. To make a water elevator, first of all, you need to arrange the ingredients.

The Ingredients Are –

  • Water (2 buckets).
  • A stack of Kelp.
  • Soul sand block.
  • Solid glass or stained glass blocks.
  • Magma block.

Minecraft is a game that has become very much popular nowadays among gamers. And as it is a very popular game, the players always keep searching for many solutions related to this game on the internet. And this is why I am writing this article so that you can get to know everything regarding making a water elevator in the game Minecraft.

Once you arrange all these ingredients, you can start the process of making a water elevator. And to know the steps and the process, you need to read this entire article.

So, let’s start!

How To Make Elevator In Minecraft : Items Required

As I mentioned in the beginning, you need a total of 6 items in order to make a water elevator in the game Minecraft. Those items are –

You can use any kind of solid building blocks and use them in making the outlet of the elevator. But players generally prefer blocks made of glass to make the outlet of the elevator. Though some gamers use cobblestone blocks because cobblestone blocks are easily available. But if you want to use any other type of solid blocks, you are free to use them as well.

If you ask me how many blocks you need, it will depend on how long the elevator you want to make.

Now let me tell you how you can get all these items that are required for making the water elevator.

4 Water buckets

how to make a water elevator in minecraft

  • Collect 3 iron ores.
  • Convert them into iron ingots by putting them in the furnace and cooking them.
  • Put those 3 iron ingots on the crafting table. Put 2 iron ingots in the middle box of the 1st and 3rd column and the rest in the last box of the 3rd column.

A Stack Of Kelp

how to make a water elevator in minecraft

Now you have to get the Kelp. you will get kelp elevator minecraft in the ocean. So you have to dive into an ocean and find the kelp.

Soul Sand & Magma Block

how to make a water elevator in minecraft

To get the soul sand water elevator block and the magma block, you have to visit the nether. Explore the nether and collect these blocks when you find them.

Glass Blocks

how to make a water elevator in minecraft

If you want to make the elevator outlet out of glass blocks, you need to get the glass. And to get the glass –

  • Open your furnace.
  • Put sand in the top furnace.
  • Put some furnace fuel in the bottom furnace.
  • You will see that the glass has been created. Drag it to the inventory.

Magma Block

Players can use the lifts whenever they want now that they are finished. With this fundamental design, gamers can create a variety of spectacular new lifts to finish their Minecraft creations.

Wooden Doors

how to make a water elevator in minecraft

Now the last item – the wooden doors. Doors will help to prevent the water from flowing out of the elevator. And to make the wooden doors –

  • Get six wooden planks.
  • Open the crafting table.
  • Put all six wooden planks in the first 2 columns, one wooden plank in each box.

Now you have all the required items by which you can make a water elevator. Now let me tell you the process of making the water elevator.

An Easy Guide To Building A Water Elevator In Minecraft 

Are you sick of climbing and descending in your Minecraft world with drab old staircases or cumbersome minecart systems? Look nowhere else!

This guide will teach you how to construct a water elevator in Minecraft, which will improve your mobility while also giving your games a distinctive and fascinating element. With our detailed instructions for constructing a water elevator, get ready to expand the scope of your Minecraft experience.

  • Put a block of glass in the ground and then put 3 glass blocks around it. Remember that one side should be opened.
  • Make a doorway-like structure on the opened side.
  • Make the fourth tower exactly above the doorway.
  • Go to the top side of the elevator and put a bucket of water as the water block inside your elevator.
  • Put the Kelp inside your elevator. It will help you to turn the water towards the water block. Keep putting one kelp on another and make a kelp tower.
  • Break the kelp located at the bottom.

How To Use Minecraft Water Elevator

The elevator will start functioning when you put a magma block or soul sand at the bottom. If you put it at the bottom, it will create an upwards bubbles stream and every entity will be pushed toward the top when it will enter the bubbles’ flow. minecraft water elevator magma 

For downward movement, you need to use the magma blocks. Place a magma block at the bottom. It will reverse the flow of the bubbles and entities can come down using the water elevator.

What Is The Purpose Of A Water Elevator In Minecraft?

Below I have mentioned the purpose of the water elevator. Take a look at the list of purposes to know why a water elevator is so important in the game minecraft water elevator.

  • If you have a water elevator, you can travel vertically in a base in the game Minecraft.
  • You can transport items and mobs to the farms of Minecraft if you have a water elevator.
  • If you want to trap mobs or any other players, you can use the water elevator.

So you can see that the water elevator is a thing that you can use to complete several aims in the game.

The Final Words

As you have come to the end of this article, I can assume that you have read the full article. And if you have done so, I hope now you know how you can make a water elevator in the game Minecraft. Just arrange the ingredients and follow the steps I have mentioned in this article and you will get your water elevator very easily. So all the best! Happy gaming!

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