How To Make Clay In Little Alchemy 2? [August 2023]

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Use these easy-to-follow instructions for producing clay in Little Alchemy 2 to unleash your creativity! Learn the secret of creating this adaptable substance by mixing earth and water. Let’s get started making your own clay sculptures.

The elements of nature combine in Little Alchemy 2 to produce an infinite number of possible objects, materials, and combinations thereof. Numerous players have become enamored with this game and are anxious to delve into the world of alchemy and find new combinations that will reveal buried knowledge.

One such player—let’s call them “Alchemy Enthusiast”—has been diving deeply into the game’s various mysteries and has lately discovered the illusive formula for making clay. Follow their progress through the game with us to find out how they discovered the source of this antiquated material.

Mud + Stone = Clay

Steps To Make Clay In Little Alchemy 2

So, as I have discussed earlier in the introduction section, players of Little Alchemy 2 will have to combine four basic elements in the game. They are earth, fire, air, and water. Only then, players of Little Alchemy 2 will be able to make Clay. 

How To Make Clay In Little Alchemy 2

On the other hand, players will also need to make sure that they are combining the elements in the right order. Very simple, they just have to pull an element on the board. After that, they will have to put the other element on top. This way, players can merge the elements and create a new one. 

So, the question is: how do you make Clay in Little Alchemy 2? Here are the steps-

  • Step 1: Combine earth with water to create mud.
  • Step 2: Combine earth with fire to create lava.
  • Step 3: Use air to cool down lava to create stone. Note: cooling lava with water will create steam instead.
  • Step 4: Combine mud with stone to create clay.

The Fastest Way To Get Clay

I have already discussed the fastest way to create clay in the earlier section. However, there are other possible ways as well by which you will be able to get Clay in the online video game, Little Alchemy 2. Here they are-

  1. Mud and Sand
  2. Mud and Stone
  3. Stone and Liquid
  4. Stone and Mineral
  5. Liquid and Rock
  6. Rock and Mineral
  7. Sand and Mineral

So, you can see that there are four basic steps that can help you to create Clay in Little Alchemy 2. But, there are also 7 more combinations by which players can make Clay in this online video game. 

Now, if you do not know how to make sand in Little Alchemy 2, you will have to combine these elements.

  • Air and Pebble
  • Rock and Air
  • Stone and Philosophy

What Can Players Get With Clay In Little Alchemy 2?

how to make clay in little alchemy 2

Making Clay in Little Alchemy 2 can give you multiple advantages. After creating clay by combing air, water, earth, and fire, you will be able to make 6 more items in the game. For that, you will have to combine different elements with Clay. Take a look-

1. Potter
  • Combine Clay and Human
2. Brick
  • Combine Clay and Fire
  • Combine Clay and Sun
  • Combine Clay and Stone
3. Human
  • Combine Clay and Life
4. Golem
  • Combine Clay and Legend
  • Combine Clay and Story
5. Soap
  • Combine Clay and Oil
  • Combine Clay and Wax

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What can you make with humans in Little Alchemy 2?

In Little Alchemy 2, players will be able to make many things using the Human element. Here they are-

  • Human and Wolf- Werewolf
  • Human and Elixir of Life- Deity
  • Human and Blood-Vampire
  • Human and Oxygen- Carbon Dioxide
  • Human and Faerie- Challenging 

Q2. What are the final items in Little Alchemy 2?

In the online video game, Little Alchemy 2, the final items are considered those elements that can’t be combined or mixed with any other item or element. For example, Obsidian is a final item in Little Alchemy 2. Players will be able to make it by combing Earth and Fire and then Lava and Water. Obsidian can’t be combined with any other items in the game. 

Q3. How many combinations are in Little Alchemy 2?

Actually, in Little Alchemy 2, Players will find out 700 elements. Each element comes with multiple combinations. 

Final Thoughts

Players need to keep in mind that making Clay in Little Alchemy 2 will enhance their building potential. Players then will be able to combine fire and clay to create bricks. Bricks can be used in building houses. And the best part is that combing clay and life will give you humans. So, follow the steps and create clay. All the best! Happy gaming! 

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