How To Make Human In Little Alchemy 2 (August 2023)

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As we disclose the method for creating a human in Little Alchemy 2, prepare to go on an astonishing journey through alchemy and life. Unlock the power of the elements to see the creation’s wonders come to life. Are you prepared to bring life to your virtual world? Let’s start this magnificent journey and create humanity’s core.

Humans are considered one of the essential elements in the online video game, Little Alchemy 2. So, are you interested in how to make Human in Little Alchemy 2 (Hints & Cheats)? Simply put, players of Little Alchemy 2 will have to combine the Clay and the Life element to make the Human element in Little Alchemy 2. 

One of the most popular online video games, Little Alchemy 2 allows its players to create more than 500 elements in their libraries. If players of this game will be able to unlock the Myths and Monsters pack, they can enjoy around 700 items during the gameplay. So, this can be a perk for the players. 

Let’s start then. 

Easy ways to make human in little alchemy 2

How to Make Human in Little Alchemy 2

So, as I have discussed earlier in the introduction section, players of Little Alchemy 2 will need to combine the Clay and the Life element to create a Human during the gameplay. That means players, first, will have to make the Clay element and then create the Life element. After that, they will have to mix the two items to make the Human element.

Here are the steps to make the Clay element in Little Alchemy 2.

  • Combine Air and Air- Pressure
  • Combine Earth and Pressure- Stone
  • Combine Water and Earth- Mud
  • Combine Mud and Stone- Clay

Now, here are the steps for making the LIfe element in Little Alchemy 2.

  1. Combine Water and Water- Puddle
  2. Combine Water and Puddle- Pond
  3. Combine Water and Pond- Lake
  4. Combine Water and Lake- Sea
  5. Combine Fire and Earth- Lava
  6. Combine Lava and Sea- Primordial Soup
  7. Combine Earth and Lava- Volcano
  8. Combine Volcano and Primordial Soup- Life
  9. Combine Life and Clay- Human 

Now, these are the basic steps that can be used to make the Human element in Little Alchemy 2 other than using the Life and the Clay element. 

But, do you know more possible steps can help players to create the Human element during the gameplay? Well, if you do not know what the other possible ways to make a human in the online video game, Little Alchemy 2, take a look here-

  • Combine Animal and Time- Human
  • Combine Animal and Tool- Human
  • Combine Monkey and Time- Human
  • Combine Monkey and Tool-  Human

Note: I would rather suggest that players should not use the Moneky element to make a Human in the game. Monkey needs 30 steps to be created. 

Possible Uses For Human In Little Alchemy 2 

Players of Little Alchemy 2 will be able to use Humans to create multiple things. Players will be able to create jobs using the Human element. For example, if they combine Humans and Dough, they will be able to get a Baker. Players can do around 190 combinations using the Human element. 

Now, here are some possible uses for Humans in Little Alchemy 2. 

  1. Combine Human and Oxygen- Carbon Dioxide
  2. Combine Human and Faerie- Challenging 
  3. Combine Human and Exilir of Life- Deity
  4. Combine Human and Blood- Vampire
  5. Combine Human and Wolf- Werewolf

Final Thoughts

So, after reading this article, I hope, players will come to know how to make Human in Little Alchemy 2 and its uses. So, try the combinations and enjoy the game. Happy gaming! 

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