How To Play Progressive Jackpot Slots & Win


Playing and winning progressive slots can be tricky, and this post will explain how. Playing progressive slots is no tougher than playing any other type of slot machine. You just have to put your money in, press the spin button, and hope for the best.

But this post is written to provide you enough information on progressive slot machines work and how you can be an informed player. Follow the complete progressive jackpots guide to find out more about the machines. Have a look on happyluke for online gaming.

What’s a Progressive Slot Machine and How It Works?

People familiar with casinos and stuff know what a slot machine is, but if you’re entirely new to the subject, here’s a sharp description of slots games in general.

A slot machine game is basically a gambling machine with spinning wheels or reels. Each reel has specific symbols on it, and the point at which each reel ends is inferred randomly. Particular medleys of symbols across a pay line outcome in payouts. The easiest version of a slot machine has three reels and a single pay line horizontally across the inner of the machine.

Contemporary slot machines are frequently more difficult than this. They might consist of five reels, and the pay lines appear in a bewildering array of patterns. You have to place a distinct bet on each pay line, too.

The easiest way to describe pay lines is to compare them with variations of bingo. They always run from left to right, but they sometimes come in a zig-zag pattern. You also have symbols that land on the rows above and below the center pay line.

Initially, these slot machines were generated by metal reels, springs, and equipment. But presently, the reels are just for display. This facilitates the slot machine manufactory to make huger machines with more feasible symbols and several probabilities for each symbol. This procedure is also named weighting.

To propose a 6-figure or 7-figure jackpot, they require to be able to win odds that are 6 figures or 7 figures. You can only perform that if you weigh the symbols so that they arise less frequently than they would on a mechanical reel.

Although a progressive slot machine is a game where the jackpot gets massive over time as it gets played. A tiny percentage of each bet goes into the jackpot.

Types of Progressive Slot Machines:

The first one is a standalone progressive machine. This is a game where the jackpot is limited to that game. Each bet fuels the jackpot only for that machine. The clock doesn’t stir unless somebody is playing on that machine.

The second is a regional area network progressive machine. This is a game where numerous slot machines in a similar casino share the exact jackpot. If anyone is playing any of the machines in that web of games, the jackpot is accumulating for all those machines.

The third is the wide-area advanced jackpot. This is a game that’s networked with many slot machines in numerous locations. These jackpots develop huge money because so many people are playing them.

Once an individual wins from one of these progressive jackpots, it resets to whatever its commencing value was, and it begins growing again.

Tips & Tricks To Win:

There is not so much to guide on playing it right, but a few tricks could be helpful to someone attempting to win a slot machine.

  • Become sure that you’re getting sufficient to be prepared for the progressive jackpot. Some games do not need you to bet the most to entitle, but some serve. It is up to you to skim the paytable to notice the difference.
  • If you decide to not bet enough to win the progressive jackpot, find another machine to play. Other than that, attempt to spin the reels more deliberately. The more spins you pay for, the more money you’ll forfeit over the period, on regular. If you make 300 spins per hour rather than 600 spins per hour, you will possibly lose half as much money on the slot machines over time.
  • Similarly, you should never play with the money you saved for something else. If you believe you’re going to get fortunate and unravel all your problems with a progressive slot machine jackpot, you are being delusional.


This is fairly everything. Playing progressive slots, as mentioned at the outset, just isn’t very tough to do. You put your money in and wish to win ample money to live greatly for the rest of your life.

People do win progressive slot machine jackpots every single day, and you have only as good a chance of winning as anybody else.

The mere strategy you truly need to recall is to make sure you’re receiving enough to win the progressive jackpot. Many games don’t permit you to win the big jackpot unless you’ve bet the maximum digit of coins. Apart from it, these are just games of luck. So treat them accordingly.


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