How To Start Moonshine In Red Dead Redemption 2

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Attention all the Red Dead Redemption 2 lovers because in this article I am going to tell you how to start Moonshine in RDR2.

All the RDR2 players are aware with the term Moonshine and they all know the value of it. Let me tell all of you that the developers have introduced an update to Red Dead Online and after that now you can even buy the Moonshine Shack. This is an interesting update as now you can make your own alcohol by using the Moonshine business.

So go through the article and read the points carefully because here I am going to share how to get Moonshine shack in RDR2!

How To Start Moonshine – RDR2

First of all you have to setup a Moonshine Shack. With this new setup, you will get access to various new weapon ammo, some new other cosmetics, and numerous numbers of new goods.

How To Start Moonshine – RDR2
How To Start Moonshine – RDR2

So let us see how to become a Moonshiner in RDR2.

Become A Moonshiner 

  • Getting Started

As soon as you get to rank 5 while being in the Trader Progression, or finish the Sell Mission, you will get an introduction from Cripps. You have to meet the mysterious distiller Maggie Fike at Emerald Ranch. With her help, you will be able to setup and run the new Moonshine Business. You can choose the starting business location from a list of 5 places.

Maggie will tell you to get the cook named Marcel. You have to rescue him and borrow some moonshining equipment. When you complete this task, Marcel will introduce the Engine room to you where you will get to see the distillation tools.

You have to spend 25 gold bars at the starting stage of setting up the Moonshine business. And if you want to change the location of your Moonshine business, you have to pay $250.

The main floor will be a camouflage so that you can hide your actual business running on the basement. You can set an underground bar additionally to support your business.

  • Get Supply Contract

Setting up an underground bar will cost you 38 gold bars, or $950 and a token. If you want to improve the condition of the bar, you can always bring more patrons in and spend a few bucks by decorating the interiors.

Give Marcel some great recipes to improve the quality of the food. And if you want to become ‘big’ in this business, then you must upgrade the recipes found on the table just beside Marcel. It will give you some supply missions to more people whom you will find on the map.

1.How To Start Moonshine – RDR2
1.How To Start Moonshine – RDR2

You can call the Moonshine business successful when you can make a batch at a cost of $30 and sell the same batch for $50. And do not forget to get a polished copper and condenser from Maggie.

So this was all about how to start Moonshiner role. But remember these all are basics, and you can always imply your own ideas to become a successful Moonshiner.

Moonshine Shack Locations

Here I shall talk about the Moonshine Shack locations which you can choose at the first time.

There are 5 locations from which you have to choose to setup your first Moonshine Shack location and start your Moonshiner role in RDR2. These locations are –

  • New Austin

New Austin is located at the north of the Greenhollow of Hennigan’s Stead.

  • New Hanover

This is located at the east of Hani’s Bethel at The Heartlands.

  • Lemoyne

Lemoyne is located at southwest of Macomb’s End at Bayou Nwa.

  • West Elizabeth

This is located at southeast of the Manzanita Post of Tall Trees.

  • Ambarino

Last but not the least, Ambarino is located at southwest of the Cattail Pond of Grizzlies West.

how to start Moonshiner role
how to start Moonshiner role

Buy Moonshine Shack

Here I am going to discuss about how to buy Moonshine Shack.

You will be able to buy a Moonshine Shack after you finish the Sell Mission.

  • Open your player menu.
  • Choose Camp & properties as the new option.
  • Choose Moonshine Shack.
  • Select Shack location.
  • Pay 25 gold bars as the price.

Free Role Of Moonshiner

Here I shall talk how to get Moonshiner role for free.

In Red dead Redemption 2, you can start your Moonshiner career only after you become a level 5 trader, or have finished minimum one trader sell mission. Then you have to buy s Moonshine Shack for 25 gold bars and start your business.

But how to get Moonshiner role for free?

There is a way to get the Moonshiner role for free, but it will work only if you have a Twitch Prime membership and you have linked that account to the Rockstar social club account. If you fulfill this criteria, then you can get the Moonshiner role for free.

Best Moonshiner Shack Location –Reddit

In Reddit, people have suggested a few best Moonshiner Shack locations. But those are the same locations you are offered at the time of buying a Moonshine Shack for the first time. Those places are –

 Moonshiner role in RDR2
Moonshiner role in RDR2
  • Grizzlies
  • Heartlands
  • Hennigan’s Stead
  • Bayou
  • 112. Tall Trees.

All these locations you will find at the time of picking up the location for your first Moonshine Shack.

Start Moonshiner After Cutscene

Here I shall discuss how to start Moonshiner in RDR2 after cutscene.

If the cutscene does not let you start the Moonshiner business, do not worry. Just open your player menu and come down to the section Camp & Properties, and from the menu, select Moonshine Shack.

RDR2 Online Roles

Now let me talk about the Red Dead Online roles and give a brief idea to you about what to do in Red Dead Online.

There are total 3 special roles available in Red dead Online. Those are –

The Bounty Hunter

This role is for the hardcore combat and gunplay lovers. Here you have to find the targeted bounty and get reward. If you become able to bring them alive, the rewards will be higher.

how to buy Moonshine Shack
how to buy Moonshine Shack

The Trader

You can opt for the Trader’s role as well. Here you will hunt animals, skin them, and sell meat & furs and earn money. In this role, you work with Cripps as the partner.

The Collector

You can find hidden treasures by opting for the Collector’s role. You will get the order from the fortune teller Madam Nazar, and will search the treasures across the whole map.

You can choose any of the above mentioned role in Red dead Online and continue playing the game.


1. Where Do I start with Moonshine?

After you finish at least one Trader Sell Mission, or come to the level 5 trader, you can start your own Moonshine business. You have to meet distiller Maggie Fike and setup your own Moonshine Shack in one of the 5 locations you get.

2. How do you get a role on Moonshiners?

Once you finish one Trader Sell Mission, or become a level 5 trader, Cripps will introduce you to distiller Maggie Fike in the Emerald ranch. Maggie will tell you to get cook Marcel.

When you will rescue Marcel, he will introduce you to the engine room and show you the distillation tools. From here, you can set up your own Moonshine business.


Here I have cleared all the queries about Moonshine business of the game Red Dead Redemption 2. Hope now you will face no issues at the time of playing the game. All the best! Happy gaming!     

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