How to Stream Netflix in China

    How to Stream Netflix in China
    How to Stream Netflix in China

    How does it feel to get a prompt from Netflix saying” Netflix doesn’t operate from this part of the world”? Dejected, right? Well, it can be annoying not to watch your favorite shows while in China because of geo-restrictions.

    But does that mean you give up on your favorite content from Netflix? The answer is no. You can invest in a good VPN and watch your favorite shows without any interruptions. This guide is going to take you the steps you need when it comes to watching your Netflix content in China.

    Do Your Research. Invest in a Reputable VPN

    Start by getting a reputable VPN. Do your research. There are numerous VPNs out there. Choose a VPN that can help you stream content in China. Remember, China employs stringent measures to clamp down VPNs. Consequently, a lot of VPNs have given up. They don’t operate in China. So, don’t choose these VPNs.

    There are numerous options out there. Plus, avoid signing up with free VPNs. They won’t guarantee you quality streaming. Instead, choose paid VPNs. Go for a VPN that is willing to make it happen. Here are a few VPNs that can help you stream any type of content in China.

    Editor’s Note: For the best results, choose the best VPN. See how to get US Netflix in China at PrivacySpark.

    Surfshark VPN

    The Surfshark has no borders settings that can help you avoid geo-restrictions—especially in China. So, if you love Netflix content, stream in from China using Surfshark. Try it today and enjoy uninterrupted content streaming.


    NordVPN, one of the most exciting VPNs in the world, gives you a myriad of options when it comes to watching Netflix content around the globe. Fast, secure, and private—NordVPN has a lot to offer. Stream your Netflix content from China without any issues with NordVPN.


    You can also try VyprVPN to watch your favorite content on Netflix from China. This option comes with secure and fast connections.

    How to Stream Netflix in ChinaHow to Stream Netflix in China
    How to Stream Netflix in China

    Consider Adjusting VPN Settings & Server Locations

    According to experts, you can also try other options. Besides VPNs, you can also use Surfshatrk and NordVPN to bypass geo-restrictions when watching your favorite content on Netflix. With this option, you are sure of fast speeds, less secure based protocols, and PPTP. Don’t give up after getting a proxy error.

    Instead, consider trying about five different servers for the VPN service. If this doesn’t bring results, switch VPNs. Consider trying other different servers. Still, if this isn’t working, change to different VPN based connection protocols. This involves VPN software settings.

    Embrace Patience and Flexibility

    Don’t despair if you see an error while in the middle of watching content. Consider reloading the page. It will reset the connection—allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted streaming. You can also consider changing servers or your VPN service. The bottom line is to embrace patience.

    The Bottom-Line

    Netflix is one of the best platforms to watch different types of content from China. Designed to help viewers access any type of content, Netflix has so much to offer. However, countries such as China have stringent rules when it comes to access to content online.

    They limit access to content from sites such as Netflix. But you can still purchase the right VPN and enjoy your content. The above article contains the steps you need to watch Netflix content through a VPN in China.


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