How To Throw Melee Weapons And Ammo In PUBG

    How to throw melee weapons and ammo in PUBG
    How to throw melee weapons and ammo in PUBG

    Aside from making it possible to throw every melee weapon in the game, there’s lots more like more weapons will be available on the map’s dusty plains, improvements have been made to buildings and there are new things to explore and drive, including a shiny gold Mirado.

    When will you need this ability? For instance, when in dire need of some ammo and your teammate has a bucketload, it’s likely you’ve performed the agonizing, “let me drop some on the floor” for you maneuver.

    Not only is this slow, but it’s also just plain inconvenient if you’re in the midst of an intense situation. Well, PUBG has a feature that enables you to chuck ammo to your teammates with – largely – minimal fuss.

    On top of this, you can also throw melee weapons at enemies. So, if you ever feel the need or spot the opportunity, a pan (or sickle, if you’d prefer) can be clanged off an opponent’s head from range.

    How to throw melee weapons and ammo in PUBG
    How to throw melee weapons and ammo in PUBG

    Trouble is, PUBG hasn’t made this system totally simple, meaning you’ll likely have no idea how to perform either of these actions without diving deep into the game’s keybindings.

    To give you a quick overview, here is a guide that will take you through how to throw ammo and items to teammates, as well as chuck melee weapons at enemies. You may also find it helpful to know how to crouch jump in PUBG.

    How to throw items and ammo to teammates

    • The teammate who wishes to receive the ammo or item must use the scroll wheel or F3 to bring up the radial menu. Next, they need to select “Need Ammo” or “Need Med” depending on the items they’d like to get their hands on.
    • The giver must then press the interact button, which defaults to “F”. Once this is pressed, they will chuck whatever has been requested.

    There are some restrictions and other things to watch out for:

    • Items can be thrown a maximum distance of 15m.
    • Items can be thrown through glass windows.
    • Beware of iron bars across windows. Items will not pass through them and hit the wall instead.
    • A teammate can request ammo, turn around and catch the ammo behind their back.
    • Items thrown to you will appear straight in your inventory if you have space. If your inventory is full, the items will appear on your feet.


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