How to upload a video to YouTube using your Android mobile device


For anyone who creates interesting, funny or new videos and wants to learn how to share with friends on YouTube, this article is for you.

Today it is very easy to show your videos to millions of people. It is estimated that 300 hours per minute are placed on YouTube. It is possible to upload any video through both browsers and Android applications.

With few clicks it is possible to send several videos in a few minutes. Follow the few steps to get the uploads.

Upload videos through your browser

  • Using the browser, access the YouTube website. It can be through Firefox or Chrome, for example.
  • You must be signed in to your Google account. If not, the option to log in will appear in the upper right corner. Just click and enter your Google account information.
  • In the upper-right part of the screen, there is a button with a camera icon that you can send as much as you can broadcast live.
  • When opening the upload page will open. Now just select the video you would like to upload. By clicking on public it is possible to select which people will see the video. For example, if you choose Not Listed, only people you send the link to will have access; Private where no one will be able to see or Scheduled that you schedule the launch.
  • By clicking on the Big Arrow you can choose the videos to place the program or simply drag the video.
  • While the file is being uploaded, you can enter information such as the name of the video and also its description.
  • Now it’s time to publish. Just click Publish to start uploading to the platform.

The time it can take to process depends a lot on how long the video lasts. In most cases it takes a few minutes.

Uploading by app

For those who like to make all the comfort of using applications by cell phone, it is also possible to upload easily.

For this it is necessary to install the official YouTube application. Then just follow the steps below

  • From your Android, open the YouTube app.
  • At the top of the screen, the upload appears, just like in the web version, the icon appears as a camera. You may need to give your device authorization for the app to access your library.
  • You can then upload your video or create the video right now. There is also the ability to do a live there right now using your phone’s camera.
  • After choosing the video to upload, now just click on the “next” button to upload to the platform.
  • At this point, you can enter the video information, such as name, description and privacy of the video, as well as in the web version. Now just click on Upload.

With these few steps, it is possible to make thousands of videos. Safely directly on the official YouTube platform. As well as making lives and videos at the time you want to upload.


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