How to Use a VPN on Netflix: 4 Tips and Tricks


Diving into the world of VPNs may seem intimidating at first, especially if you’re not tech-savvy or familiar with how they operate. However, using a VPN on Netflix has the potential to unlock a treasure trove of exciting features, significantly enhancing your streaming experience. Due to copyright restrictions, Netflix is unable to offer the same content across all regions, but with a VPN, you can bypass these limitations and access the shows and movies you crave.

In addition to unlocking a wider array of content, using a VPN provides increased privacy and protection against data collection, ensuring your browsing habits remain your own. If you’re ready to uncover the full potential of Netflix through the use of a VPN, explore our dedicated page for the top Netflix VPN recommendations, and soon, you’ll be well-versed in leveraging this technology to elevate your streaming adventures.

4 Tips and Tricks on How to Use a VPN for Netflix

Delving into the fascinating world of internet technology, it’s intriguing to discover that every device connected to the internet is assigned a unique IP address, with a geographic basis. For example, IP addresses in New York City are likely to be similar, yet distinct from those in London. What’s truly captivating is how effortlessly one can estimate a device’s location simply by examining its IP address. 

Enter the enigmatic world of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). These ingenious services cloak your web activities in a veil of encryption, rendering them invisible to prying eyes. By channeling your internet traffic to a remote server managed by the VPN company located in another country, it essentially transports you to that location in the virtual realm. Consequently, your device will seem to possess the IP address of the VPN server, masterfully concealing your original IP address and providing an added layer of security and privacy. The following Netflix trick will help you get the most out of your Netflix VPN.

#1: 3 Netflix States When Using a VPN

While experimenting with Netflix, it was found that it works in three intriguing modes.

  • “Open” mode offers the user a sea of free streaming access to the entire catalog of content specific to their geographic region.
  • “Blocked” throws error messages whenever someone tries to view the content. These errors usually suggest the use of VPNs or proxy servers as a potential cause of the problem.
  • Netflix’s mysterious limbo, a state in which users can only view and stream a limited set of movies and shows, is predominantly labeled “Netflix Original”. It appears that Netflix recognizes the user as a valid subscriber but is unsure of their actual region, offering them only content available in all regions. While no content is explicitly blocked in this state, the variety of options is undoubtedly limited, leaving users confused about streaming options.

This means that if, after turning on Netflix VPN, you have only part of the content available, then the problem is in the service itself. We had to try many different VPNs for TV, and VeePN turned out to be the most stable among them. We suggest discovering this review page to make sure it works perfectly with Netflix, although this VPN’s capabilities go beyond just watching movies.

#2 Use Incognito Mode

While utilizing a VPN often provides sufficient online protection, unexpected issues or concerns about cookies and privacy may arise. In such situations, activating incognito mode in your browser can offer an added layer of security. This feature sometimes referred to as private mode, can be accessed by clicking the browser settings icon and selecting to open a new incognito/private window, or by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N. By blocking location-revealing cookies and abstaining from logging form or text box information, incognito mode safeguards your digital privacy. Most crucially, it refrains from recording browsing data or history, ensuring that your internet service provider cannot trace or track your online activities. Thus, incorporating incognito mode into your browsing habits can significantly enhance your overall security and privacy on the internet.

#3 Switch Between Devices

You can watch Netflix on different devices and many people know about it. However, VPN is also available on most devices: TVs, smartphones, PCs, and game consoles. Here you can learn how to watch Netflix with VPN on different devices without any problem. Relatively speaking, it differs only in the VPN installation method, switching between servers and turning VPN on / off are approximately similar. On a PC, you can install an extension, on a smartphone – an application, and on a TV, you need to either use the application or set up a VPN on the router. The link above has all the necessary instructions.

#4 Change Servers

While the classic “turning it on and off again” maneuver might seem cliché, it can be surprisingly helpful when it comes to VPNs – particularly in addressing speed and connectivity issues. If you’re encountering problems with a specific server, consider changing the server location by selecting a different country in the VPN app or altering the VPN protocol by connecting to an alternate server within the same country. This can also prove beneficial for those attempting to access geo-locked content on streaming services such as Netflix. By either changing VPN protocols or simply toggling the connection on and off, you can often find a quick resolution. Each time you establish a connection with a VPN server, your IP address is uniquely masked and encrypted, so switching servers or restarting can often clear up any issues.


Using a VPN to watch Netflix offers users optimal streaming capabilities while maintaining privacy and digital security. Utilizing these four simple tips – from subscribing to a reliable provider to switching servers and devices – you can enjoy the full range of entertainment on Netflix without sacrificing your online security. More geo-blocked content won’t be too difficult for you.

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