How to Use Gaming Headset on PC?


    Most people have nowadays resorted to working from home. They help particularly to block unwanted sounds from the surroundings to concentrate on what you are dealing with. The headsets are also essential gadgets for gamers. Headsets allow the gamers to appreciate the excellent atmosphere the game developers recommend.

    They are also crucial gadgets for communication with fellow teammates. Still, with the best gaming headset for big heads, the proper setting of these gadgets is paramount to get an excellent experience. Do you have any idea of how to use gaming headset on pc? Let’s learn herein how to set up and use a gaming headset on pc in this article. 

    How to Use Gaming Headset on PC?

    To use a headset on your PC, you are required to plug it in. However, things will go wrong if you lack an idea of the available pc ports for audio on the PC. Also, you will be able to know why it is necessary to get the best gaming headset for big heads. Before we get into detail on the setting up process, let’s view the available options. 

    How to Use Gaming Headset on PC
    How to Use Gaming Headset on PC

    The 3.5mm Jack

    If you look at the affordable and older headsets in the market, they have separate two cables towards the end. There is one for the microphone and the other specially designed for audio out. These cables are of different colors; the green one is for the headset and the mink for microphones. 


    In the market, there are also several USB powered headsets. They have inline amps and other control features that enable them to give an enhanced experience. However, when considering quality as a factor, they are not far different from the 3.5mm jack options. 

    Wireless Headsets

    These headsets function either through a Bluetooth connection or employing a dedicated wireless USB receiver. The headsets are innovations that remove all cable connections to your PC. They are more comfortable and assure an individual more comfort without worrying about any form of messes happening.

    We have gotten limelight about the available headset options in the market. Still in need to learn how to use gaming headset on pc? Let’s now dig deeper into how to set up and use these devices on your pc.

    Connecting the Headset to the PC

    If you use a wired headset, there are possibly two cables at the end. The pink cable is for the microphone and the green one for the audio. The cables have icons to enable users to differentiate them easily. Insert them to their respective pc ports. However, if you use a headset connected using Bluetooth or any other wireless means, below are the steps you will follow.

    • Start by a long press at the power button. Get it set in the pairing mode before you turn to your pc. 
    • Ensure that the Bluetooth is on, and in case there exists a physical switch, you can turn it on. 
    • Turn to your pc and go to the devices option; click on the Bluetooth option. Here click on to enable you to add another device. 
    • Immediately, it will start to scan for available headsets. Once it identifies it, click on it to pair. It takes a few minutes to pair, and you can play any song to determine whether all is well.

    Choose the Right Output Device

    Most people expect windows to switch the device output to the connected headset as soon as there is a connection. However, this isn’t the case, and there will be a need to choose the output device yourself. Here are simple steps to change to the right output device to use. 

    At the settings menu, click on the System option, and then sound. The page that will display will show you the headset and other output devices. You will select your headset and use the volume slider to make adjustments to the volume.

    Using the Headset to Record an Audio

    For this case, your headphones will work out of the box and work at the same time as a microphone. To record audio, you will require recording software. The headphone microphone will act as a mic here to carry out the recording task. In the same ways we needed a default output device; you will also choose a default input device to get on with your activity. 

    For this, start by opening the Windows settings, and then follow a similar procedure as above to the system and then sound. On the page that displays after this, select your headset mic from a list that comes. 

    You can confirm if the mic is working by speaking into it. In case of any necessary adjustments to the volume, click on the sound devices manager option, and adjust it. For every application you will undertake, you will make a selection of the microphone manually. If there are various microphone options, consider the best one to use. 

    Set Up Your Headset as the Default Input and Output Device

    There is an option that enables users to link their headsets to any applications. You will use it as a default input and output device to any app. Setting it as default will help you avoid changing it at all times when gaming or even listening to your favorite music.

    Doing this, you will open the app you want for this case to configure. Click the settings button on your pc, then to the system. From the page that displays, click on sound and then to the volume and device preferences. Find the application you need and make your headphones the default device.

    Set Up Your Headset as the Default Input and Output Device


    Not always that the process will work out for every individual. In case an error occurs after going through all these steps, you have to troubleshoot the issues. At the sound settings place, there is the troubleshoot button. This is where you will get to look into the settings that might have caused errors. The troubleshooter will either resolve the problem or suggest what can solve the issue. 


    Have you grasped the steps about how to use gaming headset on pc? The article has outlined how everything takes place. You will follow the above steps if you don’t need to get into a problem that might take time to solve. If an error occurs, troubleshoot and hint at the cause and how well you can solve it. 


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