How to Use Your Phone to Make Money


We all need some extra bucks now and then. And one of the simplest ways to make money is by taking advantage of our phones. You are missing a lot if you only use your smartphone to post on social media platforms, make calls, or send messages. Your phone can do two things, waste your time or help you make money. If you are searching for ways to use your phone to earn extra bucks, you are in the right place.

Simple Ways to Make Money Using Your Phone

Of course, you can use your mobile device to earn some extra cash. However, do not expect to make millions of dollars this way. But if you are looking for ways to earn a few coins to supplement your income, get your device ready. The opportunities discussed below include those that require more effort and those you can complete while relaxing on your couch. Let’s get started.

Take Surveys

Taking surveys online might seem like a waste of time. However, this is a legit and easy way to make money. There are so many fantastic sites where you can earn money by completing a few surveys

With so many apps available, research to find the good ones. You can register with as many as possible and get paid to share your opinion on various things. Some survey apps like will pay when you share your bandwidth, too. You can complete surveys while relaxing after a long day or watching Netflix. Just download some apps on your phone and see how lucrative and fun this gig can be.

Run Errands

Many apps connect service providers to clients. Every app is different, and you get paid depending on the errands you complete. You can use apps such as TaskRabbit. Depending on your experience, skills, and local opportunities, you can make money running tasks, moving or assembling furniture, shoveling snow, staffing events, taking care of pets, etc. You’ll earn an hourly rate for these kinds of jobs minus the fee, and you might also get tips.

Earn Cashback

Consider downloading cashback apps, an effortless way of making money using your device. These apps usually offer cashback and discounts on everyday items, including gas, groceries, and apparel. After installing a related app, search for items on offer and get money back when you purchase them.

Ibotta is one of the best apps in this category, and using it is simple. Start by installing the app, then look for items on sale. Once you make a purchase, in-store or online, show proof of your transaction and get your money back through PayPal or a gift card.

Browse the Web and Watch Videos

Several apps and websites are willing to pay you for just being on their platform, watching short video clips, adverts, and more. For example, an app like Fronto allows you to read reviews and news articles as well as watch adverts to earn points. The app also allows you to download free apps for points.

Sell Items You No Longer Need

Of course, everyone has things they don’t use. Consider selling them on various websites online for extra cash. Use your phone to capture clear pictures of the items you want to sell and upload them on such sites. Remember to include any additional details and price tags. Some platforms where you can list your items include Poshmark, eBay, and Jiji.

If you want to sell crafts, arts, or vintage wares, consider listing them on Etsy. This platform is easy to use. However, before you upload your items, check Etsy’s requirements and charges. Also, research the market to know how much to price your stuff. This way, you won’t overvalue or undercharge.

Leverage Your Content

Do you have a large blog or social media following? If so, you might be able to use your phone to make money. For instance, getting sponsored is the best way to make money on Instagram. Assuming you usually post about your beauty routine. A skincare company may request you to post a photo that includes one of its products. Don’t wait for a sponsor to contact you; reach out yourself. 

Use an Investment App

An investment app is another excellent way to make money with your mobile device. This gig requires upfront money, but it can help you prepare for a better financial future. Investment apps provide robust tools to help users make good bets on the stock market. However, you should know that investing is risky, so ensure you research first to understand what you are getting into. Some of the best apps in this category include Betterment and Acorns.


You can use your phone to make money in multiple easy ways. Whether it’s completing surveys, watching videos, or selling items online, you can use your device productively and earn extra bucks. Instead of reading and commenting on other people’s posts, supplement your income!

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