Is Borderlands 2 Cross platform?

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Is your searching for some real answers and wondering if Borderlands 2 Cross is a platform? Is Borderlands 2 Cross Play Possible?

To be honest you are not alone with this question. The above questions are the most asked one by majority game’s die-hard fans.

Hard to Believe? Do check it out on any gaming forums including Reddit, where you will notice that this question is continuously popping up in the list.  

Well, that was all about the question, but What’s the Answer to This? 

As per the company confirmation Borderlands 2 cross platform is not possible. But for PC users it does support limited cross-plays. 

So, that means you friends could be on different platforms?

We know what you are thinking, What to Do When Your Friends Are On Different Platforms? 

No fret, we have got your back.

This make you familiar with all Borderlands 2 multiplayer abilities.

So, in case you are still confused whether Borderlands 2 supports Cross-platform or not, this complete read is for you.  Let’s Uncover Everything About Borderlands 2 starting with- 

How Borderlands 2 Cross Save PC to PS4?

There are several reads confirming this transfer to be an easy one. But this isn’t true. These crosses save methods were revealed a few years back and are now outdated. 

What To Do Now? 

We have a complete solution after going through many community forums and users’ reviews.

So, trust our research and keep scrolling for valuable information.

PC to BruteForce —> then to PS3 —> and then cross save it to PS4.

You must have come across this solution and thought of, Is this the only method? Is there any new and more direct way to do this? 

Hopefully Yes, there’s been a best and direct method for this cross save. This method is performed using Gibbed. Gibbed is now said as the best method to cross save PC to PS4. 

We hope you liked our method to cross save PC to PS4 and now all you must do is to enjoy Borderlands Handsome Collection on PS4.  You might have enjoyed this and this time it’s on your PS4, do taste the co-op and Endgame. 

From many community forums, we also found that there are many users with a common question which is- 

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Can You Play Borderlands 2 Split Screen On PC?

Yes, You Can! For this there are two popular methods widely used. 

We have listed out the two below main points with everything explained in a row. Go through on these listed methods and also on ‘How To End This?’ at the end. 

Drag and Drop” Method:-

This is an effective method but a bit tricky. To split your screen use this “Drag and drop” method first on a separate screen open the requested application. After this just click on the application switcher icon. 

Application Switcher icon is usually a square shaped icon on the top right corner of the navigation bar. Then select the first application listed in the menu. 

Now, follow next:

  • start dragging the first application to the main screen placing it at your desired location. 
  • when the first application’s placement is made at the desired place (top of the screen) the second application will automatically get placed on the bottom of the same screen.  
  • Lastly, all you have to do is adjust the screen size of both applications as per your convenience.  

And don’t worry! There will be enough border between the two applications to adjust the screen size. 

“Long Tap” Method:- 

This method to activate a separate screen is said to be an easier one compared to the ‘Drag and Drop’ method. This is the best method when you are already in the first application and wants to open the second application without closing the first one. 

For this the only thing you have to do is to simply tap on the application switcher icon.

After you tap the Switcher icon the main application will automatically minimize its appearance and then free the screen providing a space for the second application. 

To bring the second application in work just tap the second application and Job Done. 

Source: iMore

How to End This? 

This must be the very first question popping in your mind after your split screen work is done.  Well, separating the screen modes is not like closing all the open tabs on the screen. 

To do this there are many ways. But the best and the easiest way is to simply tap the long icon present in the separate screen application switcher menu.  

After the tap the secondary application will automatically get closed present at the bottom of the screen. 

This is all about the split screen option in your PC to play Borderlands 2. Now, have a look on- 

How To Enable Console In Borderlands 2? 

To enable Console in Borderlands, go through the below steps as listed- No

  • Step 1. In Windows start finding the exact folder in which the game was installed.
  • Step 2. After finding, just open the wilowgame folder in that folder. 
  • Step 3. In that folder access the Initially present config folder.
  • Step 4. Inside it choose the file Wilowinput.ini and then select notepad to open it. 
  • Step 5. After opening it in the notepad you will notice a list. From this list select the Engine.console section.
  • Step 6. Then comes the most important point in which you have to look for a line called consolekey
  • Step 7. In case this is not present then you just have to write consolekey=”Keyword

Note- Be sure to use the key of your choice in this. And then save the file proceeding to close the notepad.

Final Words

Borderlands 2 after its arrival also brought many questions in fans mind, and we think this is our responsibility to answer these questions and give a hassle-free gaming experience. 

Hope our read helped you out regarding Borderlands 2 like its cross-platform support, multiplayer, split screen ability we think nothing remain untouched. 

So, step on the methods and keep exploring. 


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