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What’s unique with the Demon Tower and why is it super-hyped? Well, this isn’t like other towers of Kingdom Hearts 3 and has plenty of interesting facts related.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower is a Pureblood Heartless and you can encounter it in both Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep and also in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s a Shadow gathering which takes a large twisting spire formation.

Demon Tower was first encountered by Aqua after finding the five gears in the Realm of Darkness’ Castle of Dreams.

Do you need to defeat any Demon Tide on reaching the Demon Tower?

Yes, you have to!

But, don’t worry, we know how to win against the Demon tide and also how to complete various quest missions like the KH3 photo missions.

So, Let’s Get Started!

Beginning with the most crucial thing to identify a Demon Tower.

KH3 Demon Tower Picture & Its Design

The pictorial representation of the demon tower is like a serpent without ahead and is made up of many different shadows. The shadows here signify the Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower theme giving it a horrific look.

However, the design of the Demon Tower remains unchanged even when you hit the heartless again and again. The heartless that have red eyes instead of yellow and the more that you hit the more it falls away.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower
KH3 Demon Tower Picture & Its Design

Besides, you must have heard about the side quests that players along with Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora’s teammates and Sora need to complete.

Here’s everything about it!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Side Quests

You need to complete different side quests that are available to you at a given time. However, apart from these side quests, there will be additional missions too that Sora might need to complete.

Here’s the list of different types of side quests that Sora needs to complete-

  • Lucky Emblems
  • ​Moogle Shop Photo Missions
  • Classic Kingdom Mini Game
  • Flantastic Seven
  • Little Chef’s Bistro Recipes

Complete these side quests before you fight against the Demon tide. Yes, we are talking about the Demon Tower boss.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower Boss Fight

You are going to be against the Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower Boss if you have accomplished being this far in the Dark World.

King Mickey was accompanied by Riku in pursuit of saving Aqua from the evil forces. The Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower boss consists of Heartless, who bunch up to surround the pair, and thenewkeyblade Master (that you are playing as) intent to pull down this boss.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower
Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower Boss Fight

Riku will sum up bountiful power for you to play, unlike Sora, who is trying hard to revive power and strength. Irrespective of whether you play as Sora or Riku, the Control system acts the same way for both. There is no such partiality, you will experience legit gameplay.

However, Riku has a different way or style of playing with exceptional abilities, his fast attack is quite perceptible and is faster than his dodging ability. His fast attacks come up with powerful magic.

As per your expectation, King Mickey to be all over to abet while attacking or lashing at Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower boss and ameliorating the gaming experience.

Win Against Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower Boss

For those who are unaware, let me tell you that the chief of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower possesses six entire bars of health. This might appear frightening but it isn’t that bad as Riku’s enhanced damage will help you to have more edge over him.

And just as the change in the Sora’s form and continuously assaulting with the keyboard, and adding up combinations will direct Riku existing competent to employ different moves such as the potential double duel assault.   

And make sure you attack the Kingdom Hearts 3 demon tower boss constantly just like that and subsequently, you will get to see that boss’s health falls very rapidly.

In case, your health starts to fall too rapidly or is below enough make sure to check items for potions that will help to enhance your health.

At the very end, defeating the kingdom heart 3 demon tower boss will prompt at cutscene and as soon as this is finished it will go back to see what’s transpiring according to Sora’s viewpoint.

So, that’s all about defeating the overpower Demon boss in KH3 demon tower before the endgame. Hope that you found this simple to perceive, and in case you need any further assistance, be sure to connect with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Can I Find A Demon Tower In Kingdom Hearts 3?

Finding the Demon Tower in Kingdom Hearts 3 is a bit tricky, where you first have to move to the Power Plant Tank Yard in Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower Monstropolis and then have to walk outside.

Now, after walking outside check your left and grind up the pipe located there. This pipe will exit into a room where you have to interact with the blue battle gate and spawn to the Demon Tower.

  • How Do You Beat The Demon Tide In Kingdom Hearts 3?

Indeed, the Demon Tide can’t be stunned and what’s more terrifying is its next attack because there’s no way to prevent this next attack.

However, you can fight against it in its initial attack which can be either flinging Shadows at Sora or diving into the ground and coming up from Sora. To win against the Demon tide just dodge roll around it.

  • What Do You Get For Completing All Photo Missions KH3?

Moogles give these photography missions to you when you first visit Twilight Town. The entire mission involves taking 20 photos in a total of specific subjects to complete mission. Completing this mission by collecting all 20 photos will unlock the Synthesist trophy.

  • Is There Any Kingdom Hearts 3 Arena?

Unfortunately, the Kingdom Hearts 3 don’t have an arena or arena-style training, maybe in the upcoming update, we could see this onboard.

Final Words

Demon Tower in Kingdom Hearts III is among the most majestic places which almost everyone wishes to visit at least once. But reaching Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower and winning against the Demon tide is not that easy without a proper guide. Hope we helped you with those particular steps you need to take for perfect execution in one go.

And remember don’t try any other way or path apart from what we listed without any solid proof. If you have any hidden tricks with you let us know in the comments.

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