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Thinking to build your Kingdom? Maintaining a Kingdom but looking for some effective strategy to have a quick grow? Want to know some new and updated feature of the game?Fortunately, you are in the right place, we will make you aware of every new update happened and a complete strategy for Kingdom of New Lands

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Kingdom New Lands Knights

What’s a Knight? Does it protect my kingdom or support me while attacking?

You can predict from the name itself, what a Knight be doing. A Knight is a melee infantry subject that guides a small group of archers (that’s four in number) while protecting the Kingdom.

Updated Kingdom
Updated Kingdom

Check it out, How a Knight help my Kingdom?

The Knight or the squad leader defend your Kingdom and also performs attacks on portals, escorting bombs to the cave, looking after the boat to the dock, in your Kingdom New Land.

They also wield a weapon a shield, wears armor and a metallic helmet.

Kingdom New Lands How to Get Knights

Getting a Knight is not easy, you have to up your level first to get your Knight to stand for your Kingdom.Growing level simply means growing your farming and increasing your harvesting which eventually grabs you coins that can even be used to unlock the Knight as well.

Updated Kingdom
Updated Kingdom

Kingdom New Lands Portal

What’s a Portal means? How can it be said useful for my Kingdom? Well, this might interest you. Imagine a door that can move you from place to another within seconds, interesting right? That what’s a Portal do.

Portals are referred to as gateways through which the Greed, that’s typically in waves infiltrate the Kingdom’s earthly domain.

Kingdom New Lands Shrine

What’s a Shrine? Is it a statue? If this question looks what you were actually thinking off then we will surely surprise you.

A statue is a historical moss-covered relinquished shrine that particularly shows the Kingdom is been rewarded. This shrine gives a special endowing once the Monarch performs an offering of coins at them.

When you Shrine is active it increases the accuracy of all the archers of the Kingdom.

Do they increase the damage performed by Archers’ attack? No, they just increase their chance to hit the target not the single attack damage.

Kingdom New Lands Blood Moon

Blood moon” What blood signifies?

Blood Moon is a night event that is described by an unusual massive invasion of adversaries. Contrary to ordinary nights, when an attack occurs by the Greed from both the sides, blood moon attacks are only from one side.

Updated Kingdom
Updated Kingdom

What happens in During a Blood Moon?  During a blood moon, the sky and the moon both procure a red colour. More to this the startling ambience and tune escorting the changes. There’s unusual snatching a new emperor unaware if they have never encountered the event earlier.

Kingdom New Lands Banker

What Do A Banker Mean? What makes him special?

Well, after knowing who is the Banker and what he actually does, your mind will surely wish to get a glimpse. Living at the central building in the town centre, the Banker is referred to a nobleman, who will store coins in the main building when the Monarch drops coins to him.

Updated Kingdom
Updated Kingdom

You will find this surprising that the Banker also produce a few extra coins as an interest to the sum deposited.

The Greed can’t attack him, as because he never go for waves.

Kingdom New Lands Money

Buying and selling in your Kingdom are performed by Coins.And to be precise, you search ends on kingdom new lands banker kingdom new lands money?This Coins are used as a currency mode in your Kingdom and is used to grow your buildings and most importantly your walls.

How can you earn this Coins?

We know that’s indeed a worth a search! The most important and easy way to earn these coins is farming and harvesting.

Kingdom new lands tips: Strategy or we can say Kingdom New Lands

To grow fast and effective you should have a complete and well-planned strategy. Here we are with kingdom new lands strategy. Simply follow itDon’t rush and try to build everything with a chance you get to do so. It’s not a one-day game, you have to manage the resource. And never forget to utilize the gold coins wisely they are the biggest resource for your kingdom growth and mostly your walls and farm.

  • By putting dozens of archer behind your walls, you will surely find it effective as because this archers can beat dozen of workers with their single aim targets with a storm arrow spray.You should never start a building over the defense. The defense should be upgraded first, mostly the archer tower as because the best and effective defense in your kingdom is the archer tower, as it will provide a wide range of area checked.
  • Building your population is also one effective way to grow your Kingdom quick, you can build a good number of populations by given coins to the lost souls found in the forests. You should always look for expanding your Kingdom, as this will somehow increase the area for workers to grow your Kingdom with a rapid speed.This all from the game Strategy and valuable tips for your Kingdom to grow quick and effective.


Kingdom New Lands, is a game of complete strategy and knowledge and that makes it worth playing. With some cool and attractive characters and feature of the game, we have included some good tips and strategy to grow your farms and defense by taking wise moves. Hope this good read help you probably with everything you came in to know about.

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