Learn about the great influence that MMO videogames have generated in virtual economies

    Learn about the great influence that MMO videogames have generated in virtual economies
    Learn about the great influence that MMO videogames have generated in virtual economies

    During the first years of the massively multiplayer online games (abbreviated as MMO), this genre managed to completely change the course of the entire industry of videogames, since its complex virtual worlds and the enormous possibilities of interaction offered between all its players ended up establishing a new way of playing that was more like a kind of life simulator.

    Because of that, many players became quite attached to the MMO worlds until they reached a point where they were able to spend real money in order to obtain virtual goods that would help them during gameplay. This situation evolved to generate complete virtual economies where the elements of the game also had real monetary value.

    Currently, virtual economies are already a common element in videogames, as this hobby has gained greater importance in society, and business models have normalized the transactions of players within the games themselves.

    However, MMOs and MMORPGs have always been one of the genres that generate the greatest impact when it comes to virtual economies since their virtual currencies tend to have great importance within their respective virtual worlds, which ends up causing these currencies to be traded in ways external to the game.

    These external procedures are carried out through websites where players can buy or sell virtual currencies among a huge community and without restrictions. Having said that, the most important aspect that these external marketplaces must have is undoubtedly the security in their transactions, and for that precise reason, Eldorado.gg is one of the most recommended websites when it comes to commercializing the virtual currencies of the most famous MMO videogames.

    For example, if someone wants to buy Archeage gold or FF11 Gil, then Eldorado.gg will offer a huge amount of offers available, which can even be adjusted to the delivery time and price you are looking for, so this website represents a good aspect of external virtual economies.

    Learn about the great influence that MMO videogames have generated in virtual economies
    Learn about the great influence that MMO videogames have generated in virtual economies

    It is necessary to explain that the virtual elements of the MMO game must have certain characteristics to be considered as part of a virtual economy, which are the Interconnectivity, persistence, the rivalry that it has in the market and the added value of the players.

    Within the virtual worlds in which these synthetic economies are found, the value of the items will depend on their supply and demand, rather than the value determined by the game developers.

    Having said that, the phenomenon of virtual economies has meant that MMO games such as EVE Online are supported by real economists who ensure that their digital world is kept in the right balance, because thousands of their players can invest huge amounts of real money in their accounts.

    The synthetic economy of MMOs has also generated the famous “Gold Farming” concept, where people around the world (especially in Asia) spend a lot of time and resources playing some MMO or MMORPG just to generate huge amounts of their virtual currency and then sell it in real money.

    However, the impact of MMO games and their virtual economies has also influenced the creation of various groups that are dedicated to committing illicit acts related to these videogame economies. One of the most popular acts in this regard is phishing, where perpetrators use various methods to steal player accounts with a lot of virtual resources and then sell them for a lot of money.

    However, these cases can be avoided if we act with caution in the face of any suspicious activity, such as avoiding opening emails of dubious origin, or not sharing our account’s email and password on other websites not related to the game.

    The increase of players and the normalization of virtual economies in online videogames have also represented new challenges for developers and content providers, since they must ensure the proper functioning of their platforms 24 hours a day, and handle real money within their servers, it is necessary for companies to provide high levels of security to protect the identity of their customers and safeguard their digital transactions.

    In addition to the challenge of offering an optimal gaming experience to millions of connected players, there is also a need to provide innovative services and new features that will maintain the loyalty and interest of your players for the medium to long term.


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