Learn Piano by Playing Games on Android


Learn Piano by Playing Games on Android
Learning Piano is fun when you can learn it anytime you want. In other words, if you feel tied up due to attending coaching and doing practice sessions daily, then it lowers your morale more. So here we will focus on learning this instrument the fun way.
There are long tutorials written about learning piano, like this one by mypianonotes.com , but they are super fun if you follow the tutorial along with these games.

I am sure all of you might be aware that Internet has everything. And definitely, you can learn Piano online as well. There are various websites that offer learning lessons for free of cost as well as paid. But other than the websites, there are some Play Store games as well that make your learning smooth and easy. Wanna find out some great mobile games? Then look ahead!
Piano Tiles 2

Most of you might have played the 1st version of the game. This is quite similar to that, but little advanced. It is very easy to play and highly addictive once you start playing this. The challenge modes give you all the thrill you need here. Start from simple songs, you advance to playing more upbeat and challenging songs.
White Tiles 4 – Classic Piano

This app has more than 100 ways in which you can play Piano. And this game helps you learn Piano by making you play slowly. There are various game modes such as Flappy Bird, Racing Games, etc. that are fun and easy to grasp. There are many other versions of the game as well, other than the Classic Piano. So in case you feel bored out of it, you can always switch to the other version.
Piano White Go

This game is also highly addictive once you get a hang of it. There are tons of songs in this game as well as different modes for you to enjoy. As long as you keep touching the black tiles only, you are in this game. Even if you are not a music fan, you will enjoy this game to the core. If you keep following the rhythm, you will be able to tap the correct tile.

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