Life as a Professional 3D Artist


    With the continuous evolution of technology, more distinct forms of art are coming to light. 3D art is one of such trending segments. The 3D world is not only full of thrill, but it also gives an artist a broad canvas to bring magic to life.

    It is quite intriguing to be drawn toward such a quirky occupation. But, if you have no idea of what to expect and what the roadmap is to reach the goal, you might feel frustrated. It is similar to how you turn for help to an essay writing service EssayHub after feeling helpless while writing an essay for the first time.

    So, if you, being a student, love art and are considering pursuing this career option, it will be apt that you learn all about what 3D art entails and how a day in the life of a 3D artist looks like.

    3D Art as a Profession

    A 3D artist produces 3-dimensional graphics, effects, animations, and visualizations through computer-generated imagery (CGI). 3D artists are expected to have exceptional creativity and an eye for composition, lighting, color, and texture. You may or may not opt for a degree course, but all you need to succeed in this occupation is to develop the skills for being a 3D artist.

    If you are wondering about the fields a 3D artist can specialize in, here’s a list of the most popular ones:

    1. Architectural Visualization
    2. 3D Concept Artist
    3. 3D Modeling
    4. 3D Animation
    5. Motion Graphic Designing
    6. Visual Effects
    7. 3D Printing
    8. Web Designing
    9. 3D Game Development

    Alongside, you must have knowledge of various computer software programs related to the field you choose. And once you have a portfolio, you may proceed in your career as a freelancer or go for a full-time corporate job. Both options have their own sets of pros and cons.

    A Typical Day in a 3D Artist’s Life

    Creative professionals are often found to be living according to their own pace and routines. But an insight into the daily life of one of them will help you look into the future you might be willing to adopt. You can opt for the best online essay writing service for your assignments while learning the 3D art and attaining mastery.

    Daily Schedule

    The daily schedule of many creative individuals evolves over time as they ease into this profession. Although many of them are night owls, some artists prefer to have their creative juices flow in the morning. It is all about the time of the day when they feel most productive.

    Here we are talking about the day of one artist from our network of freelancers who has a unique routine. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he prefers to finish his morning routine and make a cup of coffee for himself. This young man in our network likes to check his emails and notifications to set the pace for the day while sipping the coffee.

    After checking his day’s to-do and urgent tasks, he creates a plan for the day and sets it aside. He then goes for a walk and comes back to have breakfast. Finally, after a long day of work, he either scrolls through social media for inspiration or watches something interesting before drifting into sleep.

    Work Schedule

    After returning from the walk, this 3D artist takes a shower, has breakfast, and starts working on his computer system. He says that he likes to finish the easier tasks first to save most of his time for the fun and lengthy part of his work. Since he is a freelancer, he has to take care of other not-so-fun activities such as invoicing and billing that he likes to do when he feels like taking a break from the creative flow.

    He prefers breaking his tasks and arranging them into his schedule based on their deadlines. But he doesn’t restrain himself into the timeframes for all the tasks. He likes the flexibility and switches between tasks sometimes if he needs to.

    We have noticed that most of the artists do not like monotony in their routines and use a variety of activities to keep themselves motivated throughout the day.

    Other Activities

    Apart from mandatory work and daily activities, professionals need to indulge in certain tasks that help them polish their skills and add new elements. Some of the extra things that this 3D artist does regularly are:

    1. Learning to use new 3D software;
    2. Practicing his skills daily and working on new ideas;
    3. Researching other artist’s work and understanding different styles;
    4. Adding his best pieces to his portfolio;
    5. Reaching out to new prospective clients;
    6. Publishing his work on different platforms;
    7. Networking with peer artists;
    8. Working on feedback;
    9. Eating healthy and exercising;
    10. Socializing with family and friends.

    Skills Required to Become a Successful 3D Artist

    Every profession demands certain skill sets that help the professional thrive in their areas of expertise. A successful 3D artist needs to learn new skills and adapt to trending aspects of their artistry to stay relevant. If you want to make it big in this field of art, you must have:

    ●     A knack for creativity and art;

    ●     Time management skills;

    ●     Ability to deliver projects within deadlines;

    ●     Good computer skills;

    ●     A thorough understanding of 3D software programs;

    ●     Ability to stay organized;

    ●     Ability to work in a team as well as individually.


    A 3D artist is not a rare profession, and the chances of getting career opportunities in this field are ample. But you can’t thrive unless you love art and are passionate about making a career in it. Now you have an idea of what life looks like for a 3D artist and what it takes to succeed in this field. If you are determined to take up this profession, try to develop the required skills in yourself and keep practicing.


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