Live Roulette 2020: Tips, Tricks & Strategies

    Live Roulette
    Live Roulette

    Live roulette is a real casino classic. Along with blackjack and Baccarat, it is one of the most popular live casino games among numerous customers. Many online casino providers make live dealer roulette available in many different variants. In a live roulette casino, players have the opportunity to compete against a real live dealer.

    One of the most famous live dealer roulette online variants is French roulette, which is also the origin of this popular bowl game. Different providers offer roulette Live.

    An overview of the classic roulette variants

    Online live roulette is made available to players in various online casinos in many different variants. Due to the huge variety, all casino fans can enjoy a real casino atmosphere on their own computer. We took a closer look at the most popular game variant for live roulette.

    • European roulette
    • French roulette
    • American roulette

    European roulette

    In European countries, European roulette is by far one of the most popular live roulette variants. For this reason, the largest number of tables in this variant is made available for the players in an immersive roulette casino. The European Roulette consists of a bowl and a playing field, which has been divided into several individual fields. In immersive roulette, the numbers range from 1 to 36. Also, there is 0 on the playing field, which creates the online casino’s house advantage.

    The French Roulette

    It is similar to European Roulette from the gameplay ago most. In French roulette, there are numbers from 1 to 36. Furthermore, the zero can also be found on the playing field in French Roulette. In contrast to European Roulette, however, French Roulette offers the rules La Partage and En Prison. The players should definitely use these rules with their live roulette casino games, as the house advantage of the respective casino is halved. Thus, the player’s chances of winning in a speed roulette casino increase significantly.

    The American Roulette

    It is another variant of the classic live roulette games. However, in the European countries, American roulette is not as popular as French roulette and European roulette. The big disadvantage for players in American roulette is the double zero field. This field, on the other hand, cannot be found in French Roulette or European Roulette. The double zero doubles the house advantage of the online casino. For this reason, comparatively few American Roulette tables are offered to customers in the various online casinos.

    Live Roulette 2020
    Live Roulette 2020

    Special variants for online casino live roulette

    Since live speed roulette is by far one of the most popular casino games among many worldwide casino fans, there are many other versions of this well-known bowl game and the classic variants. Anyone who deals intensively with online live speed roulette should take a close look at these interesting roulette variants.

    • Double ball roulette
    • Speed ​​roulette
    • Dual play roulette

    In the Double Ball Roulette variant, two balls are thrown into the bowl compared to the classic roulette variants. In this way, a lot more excitement should be offered for the players. However, suppose you want to play Double Ball Roulette at an online casino provider. In that case, you should first familiarize yourself with the betting rules, as these can differ significantly in comparison to European Roulette or French Roulette.

    The speed roulette can convince with particularly high speed during the game. However, if you want to use this variant for live speed roulette, you should be able to concentrate very carefully on the course of the game. The time between the individual rounds is halved in speed ​​roulette compared to the classic variants.

    The Dual Play Roulette differs in comparison to the other variants in the transmission location. Most roulette variants are streamed through specially set up studios. With Dual Play Roulette, however, the respective live stream is sent directly from the respective country.

    Which criteria should a good live roulette casino be able to meet?

    All players who want to play live roulette in an online casino should only register with a reputable provider for online casino games. In this context, some important criteria should be checked carefully before registering. In this way, players can recognize serious live roulette sites like evolution live roulette at first glance.

    A valid license

    A reputable live roulette casino always has a valid license for online casino games. Malta’s online casino license is always a very good guide to identify a reputable online casino provider. This license stands for maximum security and is only issued to reputable companies. Since this license is valid throughout Europe, casino players in the Eurozone can easily register and use many different live roulette variants. In addition to the license from Malta, Gibraltar’s license also stands for a very high-security level.

    Security on the website

    In a good live roulette casino, the customers’ security is taken care of at all times. So that the security of sensitive data is given at all times, the casino must use special SSL encryption on its website. Suppose you want to play Roulette Live online. In that case, you should ensure that at least 128-bit SSL data encryption is used in the respective online casino.

    Safe and reputable payment methods

    To recognize the security and seriousness in a live roulette casino, players should also take a close look at the available payment methods. Secure means of payment must be made available. These include, for example, Skrill, PayPal and the credit card providers Visa and Mastercard. A good online casino usually does not charge any additional fees for deposits and offers this service completely free of charge for all live roulette players.

    Good and reliable customer service

    A serious online casino is always characterized by reliable and competent customer service. Players should, therefore, never have to wait long for an appropriate answer. If the casino offers a live chat under the contact options for customer service, this should always be available.


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