Looking for New Games to Play? Top Tips for Finding Your Next Favourite Game


    If you have been gaming for long enough, you likely have played all the popular games that have come out in the last few years. Maybe you have even played and finished some of them more than once. You are now looking for a new game or games to enjoy during your next gaming session. Doing so is much easier said than done because you might not like some of the game genres that are out there, and you may find that some of the games you pick are similar to those you have already played. We have put together this guide to provide you with tips on how you can go about discovering new games. Hopefully one of them becomes your next favourite game.

    Check Recommended Games

    If you have a game subscription, the algorithm already knows the types of games you like to play. Because of this, it can provide you with very accurate game recommendations. On mobile, specifically on Android, the app store will show you games that are similar to those that you have downloaded and played in the past. This is a great recommendation engine that can help you find games that you will be interested in playing.

    Use a Search Engine

    If you do not like the games recommended to you by your gaming subscription or app store, you can also use search engines to find similar games. If you have a game that you really love, type the name of the game preceded by the words “similar to”. Search engines are excellent at helping you find what you need and you will come across various games that are similar to the one you searched for. You can repeat this process as many times as you like, checking the recommendations each time, and you are sure to find at least one game that you will like.

    Check Gaming Forums and Communities

    Specific games have very strong online communities and so do game genres. These communities often have very knowledgeable players who have played many of the games in specific genres.  For example, you can find communities for first-person shooters for various multiplayer games.

    Many of these communities can be found in groups on platforms like Reddit or online forums. Once you join these communities, you can look through their threads to find out the games people are enjoying. Some of them even have recommended sections that list games that players interested in certain genres and games will love. 

    These communities can be useful resources when trying to find something to play on a quiet evening or your next favourite game.

    Try Different Genres

    Sometimes it pays to play games from a different genre or subgenre. You can get an enjoyable experience when you do this because many of these genres are related. For example, if you love shooter games, which are in the action game genre, you might like fighting games which are also in the same genre. They also require many of the same skills so switching should not be too challenging.

    You can also go outside your comfort zone to find games that are not too difficult to get into. A popular genre is casino games. There are numerous casino games you can play, and they are roughly divided into table games and slots. Table games include games like poker and blackjack, while slot games consist of reels that spin and when the symbols match you win.

    To see whether any of the available casino games would be right for you, you can read detailed guides provided by review platforms and the casinos themselves. For example, you will find Play Live casino guides on the most popular casino games. These casino guides tell you everything you need to know about playing certain games such as Book of Dead, a slot game from Play’s Go. Play Live is the biggest online casino in South Africa, and it works with over 20 game providers to ensure you can find an interesting game to enjoy. They also have a live casino where you can play table games and they take security very seriously.

    Take an Online Quiz

    It might seem silly at first, but online quizzes are also a great way of discovering new games. Some of their results are inaccurate and funny, but you can still discover some gems that you have never heard of before. You start by finding a game quiz online. Then you have to choose your age and the genres you would play if you had enough time. Some of them will also show you various games and ask you to choose which one you are likely to play.

    Once they have all this information, they will present you with a list of games you are likely to enjoy. You can then choose a game or games, try again, or use another site to see if they give you different results.

    Check Twitch

    Streaming platforms are also a great source for discovering new games. Twitch is arguably the biggest game streaming platform in the world and is thus a great place to start. Check out what your favourite streamers are playing, and you might discover some gems there. Do not forget to go down the list to see if someone is playing something different. 

    Sometimes you may not be interested in playing what the big streamers are playing and instead you might want to look into the games that the smaller streamers are into. Many of these are usually indie games which can be just as good as games from big game developers and studios.

    Ask a Friend

    If you have gamer friends, they likely have the same taste in games as you do. They might also know about a game that you have no idea about. Talk to them to see if they have any recommendations for you. You can also ask them to check what their gaming subscription is recommending to see if there are some games you will be interested in.

    Finding your next favourite game will require some trial and error. You will like some games while you will find others unplayable. The secret is to find out about and play as many games as possible, so you increase the probability of finding a great one.


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