Lost Ark Argos Raid – How to Unlock and Minimum Requirements

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    Lost Ark just released their newest end-game content, the Abyss Raids. Find out what adventurers need to challenge powerful creatures.

    Lost Ark just released their newest endgame content, and fans are having a blast. Abyss Raids are now available to every gamer with Lost Ark accounts. The fallen Guardian Argos is the first boss encounter players can face in the new raid content. However, there are certain requirements that adventurers need to satisfy first before they can challenge the ancient being.

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    Abyss Raids in Lost Ark

    Before the release of the latest endgame content, the players’ source of weekly grindable Lost Ark gold came from the Abyss Dungeons. The newest raid offers adventurers a chance to earn more by fighting off stronger opponents. The latest endgame content is similar to Abyss Dungeons because the challenges of the Abyss Raids can only be done once a week.

    Abyss Raids are basically weekly Guardian Raids but much harder. The bosses in this challenge will show no visible HP bar, so players will need to hammer them down until they are slain. However, Abyss Raids will require an 8-man party instead of four due to the difficulty of their bosses.

    Argos Unleashed

    The first Abyss raid boss ever released in Western regions is the corrupted being, Argos. Unlike regular guardians, Argos has more team-wipe mechanics and more attack interactions. This will present more challenges for raiders, considering they will need eight people to act in unison. Unfortunately, players will need to satisfy several conditions to be eligible for the raid.

    Unlocking Abyss Raid

    Like every endgame content, players will have to complete the Guide quest introducing them to the new feature. The task “Abyss Raid Unlocked” will be available to every eligible player for the raid. If the guide doesn’t appear, the characters do not meet the Item Level requirement.

    To ensure that the guide mission appears for adventurers, they should at least be at 1370 Item Level. The only other requirement for players to be eligible for the raid is to have the Guardian Raid feature unlocked. Once those two conditions are fulfilled, then gamers can start challenging Argos.

    Argos will have three phases that raiders will have to do separately. Each stage will have varying difficulty, so they will require increasing power levels. Here is the item level recommendation for each stage:

    • Phase 1 – Item Level 1370
    • Phase 2 – Item Level 1385
    • Phase 3 – Item Level 1400

    Players will have to meet these requirements to queue up for them. While these conditions only restrict under-leveled players from using the matchmaking feature, this can be bypassed by using the party finder. However, there will be some restrictions when doing so.

    Gamers can enter Argos Phases that are above their current item level if they are in a pre-made party that can enter the raid. Keep in mind that facing Argos while not meeting the requirements will place several limitations. These restraints include most, if not all, damage to the boss will be blocked and receiving significantly more damage.

    What to Bring For Argus?

    Fighting the corrupted ancient being will significantly be more challenging than fighting regular Guardians. This means that adventurers will have to take extra measures to win the fight against the raid boss. Here are the recommended items to bring per Phase:

    Phase 1

    • HP Potion (preferably Elemental)
    • Time Stop Potion
    • Protective Potion
    • Splendid Dark Grenade

    Phase 2

    • HP Potion (preferably Elemental)
    • Time Stop Potion
    • Androphine Potion Potion
    • Destruction Bomb (Party 1)
    • Whirlwind Grenade (Party 2)

    Phase 3

    • HP Potion (preferably Elemental)
    • Panacea
    • Sacred Charm
    • Splendid Dark Grenade

    While Argos does present a challenge to adventurers, he can still be beaten with proper planning and the right communication. It is advisable to raid the powerful Guardian with people the raiders are familiar with to facilitate effective comms.

    Though the Abyss Raid has a level restriction, every player can still experience the end-game content eventually. It is best for adventurers who are still under leveled to focus on farming, honing materials from Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Abyss Dungeons. Meanwhile, players already at the required level can start farming Lost Ark gold in the Abyss Raids.



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