Tips To Complete Her Majesty’s Holiday In Lost Ark-2023

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Lost ark her majestys holiday is a new sensation among gamers worldwide. Lost Ark is a very famous and popular video game and is loved and played by millions of people worldwide every day.

The unique quests of the game Lost Ark have become successful in drawing the attention of million number of gamers.

But the unique quests or the main quest are not the only attractive part of this amazing game. The hidden stories present in this game are equally mindblowing and very challenging to any player. And one of these superb hidden stories is Her Majesty’s Holiday.

The hidden story called Her Majesty’s Holiday of Lost Ark starts right when you visit the Queen and she asks you to help some citizens present in her castle.

And it will end when you return to the queen after completing all the tasks in between this hidden story. This is how you complete the Lost Ark – Her Majesty’s Story.

Let me explain this topic to you in more detail. Let’s start!

How To Complete Her Majesty’s Holiday In Lost Ark

To start the hidden story of Her Majesty’s Holiday in Lost Ark, first of all, you have to meet queen Ealyn in her Vern Castle. You can meet her in the castle’s throne room.

On the map of the game, you will find the throne room depicted as Point 1. And when you will meet the queen, she will ask you to help some citizens who are present in the castle.

After you get the instructions from the queen, you have to help Avele first. Avele is the Knight Commander of the Castle Vern.

lost ark her majestys holiday
lost ark her majestys holiday

you will be able to locate her as you will reach Point 2 of the game map. She will give you a task to report something to the queen. After getting the task, you will have to come back to Queen Ealyn.

When you are on the way to the queen, you will go through a cutscene where the queen will complain about the persons present around her.

When you will reach the queen, she will ask you to give your company to her. It will seem as if the queen is trying to fight her loneliness.

After you are asked to give your company to your queen, you have to check the audience chamber to check if anyone is listening to the conversation between you and the queen secretly.

Just go the point 3 located on the game map and you can check the audience chamber. Once you reach the audience chamber, interact with the marker that you will find at the entrance.

But you will find no one. After checking this, return to your queen and tell him that no one was listening to the conversation secretly.

Now you have to help the queen to escape from the castle to have a small taste of adventure. To help her escape, you have to keep Knight Berrick distracted and busy to give the time and chance to the queen to escape safely to get her part of this fun without coming to anyone’s notice.

After this, you have to go to the Creation Plaza of Vern Castle. There you will find the queen waiting for you.

To locate her, head toward point 5 of the game map. When you meet her there, speak to her. She will order you to bring her some fresh apple juice. And you have to obey her because she is still your queen!

Visit point 6 of the game map where you will find a Drink Merchant. From this Drink Merchant, buy apple juice for your queen.

lost ark her majestys holiday

Now after buying apple juice for your queen, you have to return to her. But now she has moved to point 7 of the game map, so visit there.

The queen will offer you to drink apple juice with her. Do not hesitate to drink juice with your queen. While you drink, interact with the spot present on the floor will you see beside your queen.

Queen Ellyn will give you your next task. Now you have to deliver a storybook to a few children because she wants the children to read the ending of the story that she once started telling them once.

From here, the queen will leave for the castle and you will have to leave to deliver the books to the children. Find the location given as point 8 on the game map and complete your task by delivering those storybooks to the children. After this, meet your queen in the throne room of the Vern Castle. She has returned to the castle by this time. Talk to her and finish the Lost Ark – Her Majesty’s Holiday hidden story.

But before you start the game and try to play the hidden story Her Majesty’s Holiday in the game Lost Ark, let me warn you about Lost Ark – Her Majesty’s Secret 3 bug. This can make you start over the hidden story again and again. Be careful while you try to find the prompts in the game because if you go for an incorrect prompt, you will be trapped in the Her Majesty’s Secret 3 bug. So be careful.

The Final Words

The Her Majesty’s Holiday hidden story in the game Lost Ark is now very popular and people search for how to complete this hidden story on the internet. And that is why I have written this article just to tell you how to complete this part of this game. I hope you will be able to complete the hidden story of Her Majesty’s Holiday in the game Lost Ark after reading my article. All the best! Happy gaming!

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