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The Lost Ark West Luterra Adventurers Tome  is something that has hit all game lovers around the world so hard that they are continuously talking about it. And now they all want to know about West Luttera: Adventurer’s Tome in the game Lost Ark. and that is why I am writing this article to quench all their queries related to this.

Here I shall give all details and shall discuss all the important aspects of the Adventurer’s Tome of the region called West Luttera of the worldwide popular game Lost Ark. 

So let’s go deeper inside the topic without further talking.

West Luterra Adventure Tome Rewards

First of all, let me tell you about the most interesting part about West Luterra: Adventurer’s Tome of the game Lost Ark, which is, the rewards of it!

The rewards you will get from here are truly quite interesting. I am listing all the rewards below so you can get clear-cut knowledge about them.

Reward no. 1
Seria - 40% →
Reward no. 2
Reward no. 3
HP Potion [Bound] x30 - 30% →
Reward no. 4
Courage Potion - 50% →
Reward no. 5
Phoenix Plume x10 - 10% →
Reward no. 6
Stat Increase Potion - 60% →
Reward no. 7
Emote Stretch - 70% →
Reward no. 8
Structure: Lynnis Statue - 90% →
Reward no. 9
Medrick Centennial Wine - 80% →
Reward no. 10
Ignea Token: West Luterra - 100% →

As you can see, the rewards you can get from West Luterra: Adventurer’s Tome is very interesting and useful too for continuing the game Lost Ark.

West Luterra Zone Maps

Lost Ark West Luterra Adventurers Tome

Here I am giving you the pictures by which you can get the entire maps of the West Luterra Zone of the game Lost Ark.

  • Mount Zagoras
  • Lake bar
  • Brilliant Ridge
  • Medrick Monastery
  • Bilbrin Forest
  • Gray hammer Mine
  • Battleground Plains

Malone The Wandering Merchant – Spawn Times And Locations

You will find the Wandering Merchant named Malone in the West Luterra zone of the game Lost Ark. it will appear in any one zones among Lake bar, Mount Zagoras, Bilbrin Forest, Medrick Monastery, and Battlebound Plains.

At the time of spawning, Malone will stay for 25 minutes in every channel of the zone where he has appeared. To let you know the time of spawning of Malone, he spawns at 2:30, 5:30, 6:30, 8:30, 9:30, and 12:30 for both PM and AM.

To catch Malone, send people to every spawn location at the time of his arrival. When you or your people sight him, tell others about it in chat.

There are a few items that you can purchase from Malone. Those are –

  • Lake bar Tomato Juice
  • Chain War Chronicles
  • Hairplant
  • Black Rose
  • Castleford Card
  • Berhert card
  • Cadogan Card
  • Stalwart Cage

But remember that you can get only one item during a single spawn because only one item appears from every bullet point.

Cooking Guide

The cook is available in every region of the game Lost Ark. it is a very important NPC. it will help you in crafting food for the entries to the adventure tome. You will find Heron, the West Luterra cook, in the Lake bar.

Vista Guide

You will find Vista in West Luterra in –

  • Zagoras Forest Entrance
  • Old Lakebar Tree
  • Medrick Bridge
  • Raku Forest
  • Battleground Plains
  • Monument of King Luterra
  • Gray Hammer Mine

Unique Monsters Guide

Unique Monsters locations in West Luterra are –

  • Lead mane Tiger
  • Lead lake Boar
  • Boss Red Poisonous Locust
  • Raging Darkness Cragolith
  • Agile Rakuni
  • Redhand Warlock
  • Raging Elemental
  • Resentful Spirit Knight
  • Elite raid group Supplier
  • Ferocious Red Kran
  • Hellhound of Obscure Chaos
  • Elite Grayhammer Mugger
  • Elite Grayhammer Explorer
  • Lead Moonlight Wolf
  • Lead Red Rock bear

West Luterra Field Boss Rovlen

West Luterra Field Boss Rollen location –

  • Bilbrin Forest

Another Story Guide

Another Story in-depth guide in West Luterra –

  • Heart Engraved on the Headstone
  • The Peddler of Luterra

Hidden Story Guide

Hidden Story in-depth guide for West Luterra

  • What Makes a Hero 4/4
  • Lost letter 2/2
  • Knight’s Oath 1/1
  • The Tiger of Bilbrin 1/1
  • Regent’s Donkey Ears 1/1
  • Well Ghost Story 3/3
  • Sleight of Hand 5/5


Rapport is the system using which you can make friends with several NPCs near Arkesia as well as receive some rewards when you reach certain stages of friendship.

The Final Words

As millions of people are searching for the guide of Lost Ark – West Luterra: Adventurers Tome, I wrote this article just to tell you about Adventurer’s Tome as well as West Luterra of the game Lost Ark so that you can play the game in a better way. So all the best! Happy gaming!

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