Mafia World: The ultimate Mafia game for iOS and Android

Mafia World: The ultimate Mafia game for iOS and Android
Mafia World: The ultimate Mafia game for iOS and Android

For centuries, man has endeavored to amass wealth. And as we know it, wealth is synonymous with power.The more wealth one has, the more they are able to exert their influence and control over others.

It is however a fickle thing, especially when obtained through unscrupulous means.Reaching the peaks can only mean that the inevitable end is nigh.

That is exactly what happened to the likes of Al Capone, Pablo Escobar and Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, whose fall from grace was just as swift as their rise to glory.

Running a criminal enterprise however doesn’t have to end in indignity, especially when you play Mafia World—an online mafia game availablefor free on iOS andAndroid devices. To know more about this enchanting game created by Dutch-based video game developer GamoVation, visit the Mafia World website.

Meanwhile, here are some epic features that make Mafia World the best MMO mafia game online:

Build your own criminal empire from scratch

With Mafia World, you can quite literally build and expand your criminal empire from the ground up.

You can produce Hemp in your Hemp Farm, Concrete in your Concrete Factory, and Steel in your Steel Factory.

Automatically sold to the citizens of your Empire, growing and selling the Hemp is a great way of generating income, while Concrete and Steel play a pivotal role as they are used in building and expanding your Mafia Empire.

What’s more, the more you expand you expire, the more Mafia Power you gain.

Collect Bosses & Weapons

It goes without saying that some of the most notorious mobsters in history had the deadliest weapons which could rival only those owned by governments.

Mafia World: The ultimate Mafia game for iOS and Android
Mafia World: The ultimate Mafia game for iOS and Android

As a leader of a criminal enterprise in Mafia World, you can get to recruit legendary Bosses and equip them with epic Weapons in order to increase your sphere of influence.

The Bosses and Weapons you have will determine how well you do in PVP Duels against other players.

Multiplayer features

Mafia World gets even better with the Clan feature where you can join a Clan or start one with your friends.

You can also promptly communicate with friends and other players from all over the globe, thanks to the in-game chat.

Looting storage depots in real-time is also an essential part of the game, as it heightens your chances of amassing rare items and resources.

Whenever you’re looting from say Military depots with friends and other players, collect as many production materials as you can, as they will be vital in advancing your Mafia career.

Weekly league

For a game that has already combined classic Mafia RPG elements, looting and building an epic Mafia Empire, with amazing PVP battles, Mafia Worldhas gone a step further by including a weekly Mafia Power League.

In the league, players compete against one another to see who will gain the most Mafia Power after a seven dayperiod. The higher the position a player attains, the greater their chances of earning amazing rewards in the weekly league chests.

Building Upgrades

Upgrading your buildings in Mafia World shows that you are progressing as a Mafia Boss.

Your Headquarters, the central point of operations in your criminal empire, is one of the most important buildings to upgrade.

Other than attracting significant Mafia Power, it also generates a Cash Bonus every 24 hours, which will depend on your Headquarter level.

Other buildings which should also be upgraded include the Hospital, which aids in the recovery of Bosses injured during PVP battles, while the Weapon Repair Shoprepairs weapons damaged during PVP battles.

Therefore, endeavor to upgrade Buildings, Bosses and Weapons, as the Mafia Power gained will increase your chances of becoming the most feared mobster in the game.

With a number of new and amazing features set to be added to the game in the coming months, Mafia World is certainly not short to things to look forward to!


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